Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yard Art

While walking through my dear little mother's back yard a few days ago with camera in hand I decided to capture some of her yard art to share with you. Her backyard is a park-like setting that is currently undergoing some changes. My sweetheart is completing an underground sprinkler system there. A few pipes must be put in place and trenches closed before her yard returns to normal once again. Even though her deck is being refinished and installation of the sprinkler system continues she has some wonderful treasures hidden in among her flowers and plants, as usual. Please join me for a tour.

As you come through the gate you will see a sweet little garden sign.Just ahead, some old tools hanging on the shed.The sweetest little girl with her raincoat and umbrella waits at the corner of the shed and watches over the little birds as they come to eat.Around the corner a tall church hangs in the big rose bush that grows on the side of the shed. Below, on a cute little wooden bench, is a home for rent. Waiting for the perfect family to move in. At the far corner of the shed you will see a sweet vintage window and a few old garden tools. If you look closely you will see the reflection of my dear mother as she looks at another piece of art in her garden. Oh, that's my sweetheart! He was busy removing limbs from a beautiful old tree that is falling over and will soon need to be removed. Just around the corner from this tree you will find a wonderful perennial garden filled with all kinds of flowers. These little blooms caught my eye. Nestled into the perennial garden - a sweet little water baby. Tucked under some tall flowering shrubs, just around the corner, this little chair holds a bright-colored planter that will soon be filled with pretty flowers. A little farther in the same flower bed, this cute little dutch couple spends time together in the garden. Sometimes they are closer than today. At times they kiss but just before I took this picture he was turned sideways as if he were trying to run away! I think they worked through their disagreement and will soon be kissing once again. Nearby there is a huge, old maple tree. At the base of the tree my dear mother planted a rock garden many years ago. It changes constantly through the seasons and is home to more treasures. A duck. . . A squirrel. . .

And another little garden sign.

It looks like Bigfoot has been walking between the big tree and my dear mother's Hosta garden. He has left a few footprints!

A sweet little boy loves to lie in the Hosta garden and read. He seems to read a lot of books through the summer. He will be there for a long time. Until the first signs of winter.
Near the corner of the house and the garden gate there are two more things you must see. This sweet Dutch Iris. . .And my dear little mother's 'rain bug'. She has bells on her toes. (The rain bug, not my mother!) She dances in the rain and the wind and her little bells ring. My dear mother collects cobalt blue glass. When I saw this sweet little bug I knew she needed to live with my sweet mother. We will spend time in my mother's garden again this summer. Soon the projects will be completed and things will return to normal. More garden art will be placed among the pretty blooms, the deck will be open for guests and, hopefully, we will have sunshine. You can be sure you will be the first to be invited to join me then.


  1. Adrienne, I love your sweet little mother's garden, and I know I would love her, too.

    You are very blessed to have each other - and your sweet husband, too.

  2. Thank you for taking us on such a delightful stroll! :O)

  3. Your mother has a lovley garden. I can see the years of care and love that have gone into it:>)

  4. The window is soooo darling!

    M ^..^

  5. I loved seeing your dear mother's yard art and gardens. She is blessed to have such sweet children.

  6. I really enjoyed looking at your photo essay of the garden! I think this is the first time I have visited your is great!

  7. I loved going on the lovely tour of your mother's garden! It is absolutely charming, I especially loved the sign at the entrance :o) She has created a peaceful oasis in this busy, hectic world we live in.

  8. Such a charming garden!! I have enjoyed reading your blog...just lovely!!

  9. Your mother's garden is precious. Thanks for showing it to us. I'd love to meet your mother. She must be a delight.
    Hope you have a good weekend. We are of to PA tomorrow for my cousin's son's wedding and staying with old friends.
    Sorry I don't know how to help with the music even though I have playlist!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  10. Oh my goodness, you have such treasures in your garden spaces! I was thinking of sharing how much I like the tall church, window, foot and then realized that I like it all. Wow.

  11. ooops. It's your mother's garden... Well, your mother's garden treasures are wonderful!

  12. What a wonderful garden! It must be nice a nice retreat to visit.

  13. What a wonderful garden! It must be nice a nice retreat to visit.


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