Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Special Treasures

In the middle of the busy-ness of life I'm always amazed how a new treasure can touch my heart deeply and make a difference to my days. Once again some special treasures have found their way to my home. And they bring a bit of sunshine to my days and put a smile on my face. Smiles because of what they mean. Smiles because they remind me of dear ones who are close to my heart. A letter. Just one part of the alphabet - but with such deep meaning. A special letter! The beginning of the last name my sweetheart and I share. While walking through Marshall's last week with my dear little mother I spied this single 'S' and immediately knew it was waiting there just for me. At first I thought I would repaint it but now I'm not sure. It would be perfect with the touches of red we're adding to our bedroom redo. (See the colors of our new quilt?) Where to better display it? It's ready to go. As it is. Or, I could add a burst of new color to another room. And I could repaint it to better 'go' with other things throughout our home. I'm not sure where it will be displayed in the end but you can be sure you will see it again. Somewhere. When the decision has been made.
The thoughtfulness of a dear friend who understands the meaning of friendship - true friendship - brings a smile to my face. A friend who listens and loves and laughs. And, at times, shares my tears. A friend who knows how to make me smile.Yesterday a visit from my dear friend, Betty, of SammyGirl, brought a bit of refreshing to my weary soul. A time to catch up - and a time to sneak away to do a bit of thrifting nearby. Look what she gave me! Now the search begins for the perfect place for this treasure. Not only does it touch my heart - it reminds me to 'Begin each day with a grateful heart.' How appropriate. With a grateful heart. Hmmm. . .where have I heard that before?


  1. Wonderful friendship and thoughtful treasures, Adrienne.

  2. Isn't a joy to find little pockets of delight in the everday. How are you my friend?

  3. How perfect is that lovely picture:>) I can't wait to see where you put the "S" you found too!


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