Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saying ‘Thank You’

Thank the Lord because He is good.
His love continues forever.
Psalm 106:1


Worship is when you are aware that what you’ve been given is far greater than what you can give. Worship is the awareness that if it were not for His touch, you’d still be hobbling and hurting, bitter and broken. Worship is the half-glazed expression on the parched face of a desert pilgrim as he discovers that the oasis is not a mirage.

Worship is the ‘thank you’ that refuses to be silent.

We have tried to make a science out of worship. We can’t do that. We can’t do that anymore than we can ‘sell love’ or ‘negotiate peace’.

Worship is the voluntary gratitude offered by the saved to the Savior, by the healed to the Healer, and by the delivered to the Deliverer.

from ‘In the Eye of the Storm’
by Max Lucado


  1. I have heard messages of gratitude all day, it seems to be the theme for the day and I am SO grateful for everythig God is doing in my life! Have a blessed day my friend!

  2. That is so beautiful, Adrienne. And your music is lovely.

  3. I especially like the last statement...Adrienne you always write the BEST things! Happy Sunday, my friend!

  4. Enjoyed my visit to your blog..and you are so right! In the myst of a huge storm - peace abounds to those who love and trust Him!

  5. Worship soothes the soul and delights the heart.

  6. Agree with all and will also add that worship is a life. Not only something we do but also something we are.


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