Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Making A Case

Well, just a little play on words there! Recently we were given a few things that belonged to my sweetheart’s father. Among the old photos and other treasured belongings was a little, old case. When it was handed to my sweetheart he told me about it.


This little case was my dear father-in-law’s shoe shine kit. It still holds all of his supplies – just the way he left them.


I would love to ‘adopt’ this little case and do something special with it but I’m not sure my sweetheart is ready for the contents to be removed. I’ve made some suggestions but nothing has been decided yet.


What would you do with it? Would you repair it? Restore it? Do something different with it? Just wondering.



  1. What a wonderful case. One filled with precious memories.
    It is a delightful looking case.
    Not sure what I would do with it.
    I think I would restore it and give it a wonderful place of honor. Beyond that I have no idea what I would do.
    Im sure you both will come up with a wonderful plan for the case of memoires filled from a life well lived.
    It will be fun to hear what you decide on this case of memories.
    May teh Lord bless

  2. I love it! I love that it shows it's wear and age. I wouldn't restore it because that would take the value away (intrinsic as well as memory value). It would be great to have it somewhere you could see it often.


  3. What a great case, filled with memories. I think I would clean it and maybe waxed it, but leave the rips and tears....

  4. I would probably display it on a bookshelf or table just the way it is as a remembrance! Funny how it is the day to day things that remind us of our loved ones. When my grandmother died all I wanted was one of her worn, handmade aprons. She was never without one (except at church!).

  5. I would clean it up a bit and leave it as is. It's wonderful and has a story.

  6. I love the outside just the way it is. I liked Penny's idea of waxing it for preservation. If hubby decided to let the contents go, I was thinking what a wonderful memory box for his parents it would make. He could keep favorite mementos and photos in it. Then he could write down some stories about his father as he recalls them, including shining shoes. Wouldn't that be a fun treasure for a grandchild one day?

  7. I think I would shine it up a bit and display it. :) blessings, marlene

  8. i agree with marlene - shine it up just a tich and display it...with new contents:: perhaps a small section of a worn quilt, tea cup and saucer, dried flowers .. things like that. :o)

  9. What a wonderful treasure. I would just give it a gentle cleaning, and a soft waxing.

  10. I would probably leave it as it is and stack it on top of other vintage cases. Then maybe sit a pretty vase of flowers on the top, or something else just pretty.

  11. Aren't finds like that complete treasures? I would absolutely put it on display somehow. Maybe tuck it into a shelf on a book case. You could keep photos or dvds or cds in it. What a keepsake!

  12. What a wonderful little case and how blessed that it belonged to a relative. Such fond memories deserve to be preserved I believe. Wouldn't that be fun to find a picture of your grandfather shining his shoes to go with this!

    bee blessed

  13. Hi Adrienne, I love that case! I would leave it just like it is and display it someplace where it would look unique, maybe open showing the contents. Maybe you could put a typed note inside as to its origin? Have a good week my friend!!

  14. Such a lovely case with great memories attached. I would leave it just as it is perhaps on display with a photograph of the great man himself either on it or next to it. Lovely post! xx

  15. Great little case that represents lots of memories. I would leave it as is, make a vignette with it including the things inside (bring outside.) Also use a framed picture of his dad with it, or frame some old advertisements about shoe shines, etc.

    I hope you are safe there in Oregon!


  16. O, what a wonderful thing to know that his dad touched every single thing in it must make your husband's heart sing.
    If it were mine, and since you asked, I would clean it up, wax or polish it some way and display it on a table or top of a cabinet. It is too precious to try to make it look new again. I'm afraid it would take away from the character of the piece.
    I am so glad you have it.
    xo bj

  17. I have a little case that matches yours, just a little different shape. I haven't determined exactly how best to put mine to use. You're inspiring me to think more about it.

    Lovely blog posts --- I'm enjoying being here.


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