Friday, September 9, 2011

Finds and Treasures

We arrived home from our vacation at the Oregon Coast today.  There is so much I want to share with you but first I want to share with you the greatest ‘find’ and the dearest ‘treasure’ God has given me.  My sweetheart is the most precious person on this earth to me.  Last weekend we celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the day we met.  It was a unique day – forty years ago on Sunday, September Fourth, the day before Labor Day - I walked into the church where he was the youth pastor.  I was the guest of dear friends – the parents of a childhood friend of mine.  When the morning church service began a handsome, young man stepped to the pulpit and welcomed everyone.  He prayed and then began to lead the songs as we sang.  Later, following the service, my dear friend’s mother introduced us.  It was an ordinary kind of hello, how are you, where are you from, nice-to-meet-you introduction.  There is so much more to the story - perhaps I will share it some day – but that evening I sat at the piano and sang a special song at the request of the music pastor at the church I had visited that morning.  After the evening service had finished, most of the people stood around talking.  As my friend and I began to walk out the door, the handsome, young youth pastor followed me to the door and invited me to go with him to get something to eat.  That, my friends, was just the start of something really wonderful!  It was as if we had always known each other.  Truth be told, we were in some of the same rooms and events through our lifetimes but never met each other!

Early last Sunday morning, before we visited a special, little church at the Oregon Coast, my sweetheart gave me the most beautiful gift my heart could imagine.  I’ll have to show it to you soon when I can find the best way to show it off.  His heart and mine celebrated the day – it was a Sunday again, September Fourth, the day before Labor Day.  Forty years!

A few days ago while fishing on a big river near the mouth of the Pacific Ocean my sweetheart called me and asked me to get my camera and come down to the docks.  Why?  He had a special ‘find’ he wanted me to see and photograph.  And so, without further adieu – here is my most cherished ‘find’ and ‘treasure’.  My best friend for forty years.  My sweetheart.
My sweetheart caught a thirty-six inch Chinook Salmon!  Lots of good and healthy eating ahead!  He’s a keeper.  My sweetheart, I mean!


  1. What a touching story! You two were meant to be together! And YES, he is a keeper!

    We celebrated our 30th while we were at Brooks Lodge in Kamai National Park in Alaska. We had to bunk in separate rooms! He with a couple of guys and me with a couple of gals. At least the tour group bought us a bottle of wine before dinner, LOL!

  2. Love hearing a bit of your love story Adrienne!! A very happy anniversary to you and your hubby!!

    My what a huge fish! I bet you are still working on eating that baby! Can't wait to see what your gift is!

    Jonathan will be coming home next week sometime. He is flying back - will sell his truck and is planning of flying back to Costa Rica and living there for awhile. Goodness will he ever settle?

    David will fly in the 3rd of Oct and leave the 12th, then I will go to Albuquerque the 15th to pick up my mom and bring her back for a week. I think the bed and breakfast is going to be a busy place as we have several others coming in here and there too!

    bee blessed

  3. He's a cutie! I'm definitely intrigued about your gift...can't wait to hear. blessings, marlene

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both! Can't wait to hear about your gift.

  5. What a precious story! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. What a sweet story! Can't wait to see the special gift he gave you!


  7. Happy late Anniversary! What a beautiful story you two have. Thanks for sharing it ---- oh, and happy chinook eating!

  8. Oh Adrienne, what a precious story! Forty years of being married to your best friend...I can attest to how wonderful that is (although it's 32 years for us!) I am so glad you have such a happy marriage:>) Congratulations on such a long and successful marriage!

  9. Wow, no wonder he said 'get down quick'.

    Enjoyed reading of your meeting 40 years ago.


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