Saturday, November 30, 2013

Southern Oregon Charm

Before Thanksgiving Weekend is over and the Christmas season gets busy I want to share a bit of Southern Oregon charm with you from my recent trip to Jacksonville, Oregon.  History has influenced this little town and it shows in the homes and businesses all around town.  You can see it in the churches around town. . .Jacksonville Church CollageIn the beautiful, old buildings downtown. . .Jacksonville Building

Jacksonville City Hall

Jacksonville Inn

Jacksonville Building 2And a few of the wonderful, old homes. Here are just a few I enjoyed as I walked around town.Jacksonville Home 1

Jacksonville Home 2

Jacksonville Home 3Then I hopped on the trolley. . .Jacksonville Trolley And saw even more.  The first one was ordered from a catalog.  It came by freight.  Piece by piece.  A single man built it, thinking it would help him find a wife.  It worked and he eventually impressed one of the town's prominent businessmen enough to convince him to allow him to marry his daughter!Jacksonville Homes CollageThe trolley tour is amazing!  If you ever visit Jacksonville, be sure to take time to take the guided tour.  The driver had a great personality.  He shared a lot of great history and stories and trivia about the area.  It was so fascinating - I wondered why I had never gone on the tour before. Jacksonville Trolley 2Every minute I spent in this charming, little town in Southern Oregon was wonderful.  I plan to return again.  I’ve heard it’s an enchanting place during the holiday season.  Someday my sweetheart and I will be sure to visit when we can enjoy the sights and sounds of the Christmas season.  Until then, I can only imagine how delightful it will be.


  1. Oh wow, what fun. I lived in Bend for 18 years and yet I never visited this quaint and lovely town. Maybe on the next trip north. Thanks for the tour. Hugs, Marty

  2. We need to go visit there, I think we went to Jacksonville many years ago but I hardly remember it. Love the old towns. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  3. I adore old towns with fancy houses and old, old churches! We never tire of looking at old houses and buildings with lots of pretty details. Thank you for showing a town we will probably never have a chance to see in person:>)

  4. I loved this tour! Thank you for sharing sights around the charming town!

  5. Oh this reminds me of my walk through this beautiful town just a couple months ago. Now I wish I took the trolley too. Next time!

  6. Beautiful! I love to visit picturesque towns like this!


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