Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We Are Celebrating. . .

A birthday at our house today.  Someone is a year older!  Not my sweetheart.  Not me.  Wonder who it is? It’s. . .

He’s six years old today.
(He's a Long-Haired Miniature Dachshund)
Joey Joey was a birthday gift to me from our daughter and her four children.  I’ll never forget the day I met him.  He was so tiny – and loving and snuggly-cuddly.  The moment we met I knew it was love at first sight.  For both of us.  My oldest granddaughter held him and watched to see the look on my face.  She added a bit of drama and gave me a sad, puppy-dog look.  I think she must have thought she had to convince me to take him.

He was so little the day he came home.  My daughter bought him the smallest doggie jacket she could find and it was too big!  It didn’t always stay where a jacket should be – you never knew how he would be wearing it.  He snooped around and didn’t venture far from the living room and then found a spot that seemed like the perfect place for a nap.
Baby Joey I’m sure the world seemed like an enormous place to him.  His bed was too big.
Baby Joey in BedThe world outside was so big he was not sure what to think when he was out there.Baby Joey OutsideWhen it was time to come back inside even the little step up was too big!  He was so small he couldn’t hop up through the patio door so my sweetheart put a little step there and carefully taught him how to come in by himself.Baby Joey Outside 2He loved it when the door was open and he could stay inside and just look out.
Baby Joey InsideBut the best thing was when the door was open so he could lie down and hang his head out a bit.
Baby Joey In ThoughtTime passed quickly and he grew.  Life with a growing puppy was fun but challenging at times.  He went through puppy training – and so did we!  He loved to chew and he loved to steal things and hide them.  And sometimes chew them all to pieces.  Most of all he loved being spoiled a bit.Young Joey CollageIf you know anything about Dachshunds, you know that they rule the roost.  They can be very stubborn but loving.  Joey has grown to know his boundaries.  Most of the time.  He’s a good companion and likes to stay close to us.  He loves it when our grandchildren come to visit but he always searches all around the house for them when they go home.

He is an adult now and he has settled into life here pretty well.  He understands a lot of what we say and we find we have to spell some things so he won’t hear them and get excited.  He’s a good dog and I can’t imagine life without him. 
Joey Sleeping 2 Happy birthday, Joey – you’re the best doggie pal a girl could have.  Today is your day and there are special treats planned for you today. 


  1. He is adorable and almost makes me want one, we have been debating on a 'new dog' with two kittens it might be too much, but it might be nice too.

  2. A whole lot of sweetness here! Happy Birthday, Joey!!!

  3. Such a sweet little guy! Our pets can bring us so much joy:>) Happy belated birthday Joey!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Joey! What a cute puppy he was. I loved seeing and reading his story of puppyhood.


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