Saturday, September 9, 2017

At Home And Away

My sweetheart and I returned home after a wonderful week away on a new-to-us adventure.  We took a cruise to Alaska!  We have dreamed of going to Alaska for a long time and this is only the first of more planned adventures to the land they call The Last Frontier. We had a wonderful time with my sweetheart's family on board the ship and on land.  We celebrated his sister's fiftieth wedding anniversary in style with a wonderful dinner and a big cake.  We were well cared for and pampered and entertained and dined with fine food.  We loved Alaska - and we plan to return again.
We are moving forward with the insurance process after the fire that destroyed our travel trailer.  My sweetheart's pickup was parked nearby and it was damaged in the fire.
Early this week we brought the pickup home.  It looks like new!  The canopy had too much damage to be repaired so a new canopy will arrive from the factory in a week or two.  It's good to have this part of the process complete.
This week we had more insurance forms to fill out for the big trailer! We hope that's the last of the paperwork but we're not holding our breath on that. In the meantime, we've been looking and shopping for our next trailer.  We've prayed for direction and done a lot of 'homework' to find what will work well for us and we believe we've found 'the one'! Very soon we will make that decision final and will move toward bringing home a new cabin-on-wheels. Here's the empty spot where our trailer sat. We live on a corner - our driveway and this spot are on the side street. We've had plans to revamp this area - and the time is now. The gravel pad where the trailer sat is black from the fire. The photo doesn't really show the damage to the neighbor's Mountain Laurel bushes or our little tree.  The neighbor's bushes can be saved and are already showing signs of green where they were scorched. The tree will come down and the few roses along the edge of our property will come out. The old shed that was on the property when we moved in will go away and the fence will be extended toward the street so the new trailer can be completely secured behind the fence.  We hope to have that finished and ready for the new trailer when we bring it home.
We will share more as things begin to happen. One of these days I'll be able to show you our new cabin-on-wheels. I can't wait to give you a tour and tell you all about it.  Now. . .we will return to tales of The Grand Trip we took last spring. There's so much more to share. When that is complete I'll share our Alaska adventure with you.  I'd better get busy.  I need to catch up - I'm w-a-y behind!


  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed your trip to Alaska. Everyone I know that has been on a cruise there raves about how wonderful it was.

    Welcome home!

  2. I can't wait to hear all about your Alaska cruise. That is a dream of ours and I hope to some day surprise my darling with that trip!
    The truck looks good as new, amazing!

  3. Wow, this is on my bucket list for sure!

  4. Your trip sounds and looks wonderful. Glad you got the truck fixed and will be interesting to see your new holiday home.


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