Friday, August 3, 2007

A Sweet Surprise!

Yesterday a delivery truck stopped in front of my house, a lady came to my door and asked, "Are you Adrienne"? I replied, "Yes, I am". She handed me a bouquet of flowers! Who sent me flowers? They were beautiful - and there was a new, little friend sitting in the middle of the arrangement. So feminine! So special! So sweet!
As I opened the envelope that was attached I tried to guess whose name would be on the card. I had a suspicion because the flowers and the new little friend looked like something a very dear friend of mine would give me. I was right - the card said: Today is my birthday. 61 years ago today I made my entrance into the world (a month early)! How did the years go so fast? I just got used to saying "50" and I've already passed 60. I'm going to celebrate today with some special people. This morning my dear mother and I are going to garage sales and stop in at a favorite antique mall nearby. That's what I want to do - spend time with her, doing something we both love to do. Just the two of us. Later in the day family will arrive from Kansas to spend a few days with us. In the evening our daughter and her family, my brother-in-law and sister-law and their grandsons will join my sweetheart, my dear mother and I for a BBQ (my sweetheart is doing this!) and a good visit with our family from far away. What a special day this is going to be! *

God has been so good to me through the years. He blessed me with the most wonderful parents a girl could ask for, a sweetheart who loves me dearly, a wonderful son and daughter-in-law, a special daughter and son-in-law and 5 (soon to be 6) grandchildren who bring joy to my heart and an extended family and many friends I cherish.
*(Our son and his family are not able to come tonight. Our dear daughter-in-law needs to rest during these last weeks before the birth of our 4th grandson. Our son is leaving at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to drive to the Oregon Coast where he and a group of friends from his church will fish for Halibut and Tuna on the Pacific Ocean. Bedtime will come early at their house tonight!)


  1. Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday! :)

    Praying you enjoy your day... and this coming year... moment by moment and blessing by blessing!


  2. I saw you stopped by my place for a visit (thank you) so I rambled over here. You and I could be real friends! Your hobbies, your cat, your reading, even your template. Happy, happy birthday. xoxoox

  3. Happy Birthday! I found your blog at my friend Susan P's. It is very pretty, and I love the music playing. It seems we have something in common, a love for music. :-)

  4. Happy Birthday Adrienne! What a great day you have planned. I hope it is filled with the joy of your family and friends. God bless you on this special day and in the yerar to come. :>)

  5. sweet birthday blessings to you, adrienne! :o)

  6. Adrienne, happy birthday ( a bit belatedly now). I hope you had a wonderful day with your family. The flowers are so pretty and the bear is so cute. Getting flowers is so fun! I'm wishing you the very best Adrienne.



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