Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Family Ties

I have not posted much through the past week. We have had a wonderful 'guest' - a dear family member I did not know until my dear little mother and I met her at the airport nearly a week ago. Tomorrow morning we will make the journey back to the airport for her departure but our hearts will struggle with the goodbyes we must say after a week full of getting acquainted and catching up with the many lost years of our lives. The story does not need to be repeated here. It is enough to say that a family was torn apart many years ago and the effect on those who remain has been great. Our dear one was a very small child when she attended the wedding of my dear parents over 62 years ago. Contact was re-established many years later and she and her sweet family had a brief visit with my mother and father more than 20 years ago. I lived quite far away and did not get to meet them.

We have had a wonderful time together this week. Our dear one has begun to research and piece together our family history - as I started to do a few years ago. Now we have joined together to complete the project. We have learned much and reminisced a lot about the little tid-bits we remember and things learned from family members long gone. Oh, how we wish we had asked more questions and paid more attention when our dear ones were still with us. We want to learn all we can about the family that remains and spend as much time as we can together, appreciating the ties that bind us together while we still have the chance.

Family ties are precious things
woven through the years,
of laughter, love and tears.
Family ties are cherished things
forged in childhood days,
by love of parents deep and true,
by tradition, by family ways.
Family ties are treasured things
and far though we may roam,
the tender bond with those we love
still pulls our hearts toward home.

Author Unknown
Picture and poem compliments of my.homewithgod.com


  1. Adrienne: I'm so glad you were able to connect again with your family member. Stuff like that happened long ago didn't it? Swept under the rug and never spoke about again. We have a similar situation in our family. Relatives that we lost before we had even gotten to know they were our relatives!!

  2. It is sad when families are torn apart but it is joyous when they reunite. Nice to read about your recent joy. Hope it is a tight tie that binds you all together once again.

  3. Adrienne,
    what a precious time for your family!
    I guess that in years gone by.. it was easier to stuff things back in the closet and not talk about it that it was to discuss and settle whatever might be the misunderstanding..
    I am so happy for you that you were able to meet this relative.. and get to know her...

  4. I am glad that you have found someone who was lost to your family, and I am sure that it is a blessing for her to find family that she was separated from! Blessing to your family and to you:>)

  5. Yes,family make us strong in heart,nice to hear about your recent happiness.:)

  6. How wonderful to have this chance to reconnect!


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