Saturday, September 29, 2007

Weather Wonders And Small Blessings

Yesterday's rain brought such simple beauty. Beauty and wonders - nothing escaped its touch.The rainy morning was just the beginning of the weather display yesterday. In Oregon we say, "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes!" That was true of yesterday - many times over. The skies opened wide and poured what seemed like buckets full of water on everything below. Then there was calm - for a while. Cloud-covered skies soon resounded with loud claps of thunder followed immediately by bright sun peeking through to let us know all was well. This was repeated a few times before more rain arrived. Later as I drove home from Portland the most incredible double rainbow arched across the countryside nearby. A few miles and a short time later a brief but heavy hailstorm! Then more rainbows. I saw more rainbows yesterday than I have ever seen in a single day! (And I didn't have a camera with me! When will I learn to keep it with me?) By the time night arrived things had changed again and our world was quiet and still. Looking out across my backyard I saw the moon through the neighbor's trees - a sign that the clouds had parted a bit.
A few minutes later -
This morning we woke to clearer skies and a bit of occasional sunshine. The air was fresh and clean and once again signs of autumn were everywhere.High overhead, our big maple tree near the front door has begun to prepare for winter!A bit later a special treat! Mr. G. (grandson #3) arrived to visit me while his mommy and new baby brother were being honored at a baby shower. His daddy and older brother (Mr. R.) were helping a friend with a building project. My sweetheart (Grandpa) is deer hunting far away from home for a few days. Mr. G. was soon very busy. After playing with favorite toys he washed his hands and "sang a song at the piano" for me.
Followed by an encore -
When Mr. G. arrived he brought a project that needed my help. We carefully wrapped his gift to a special little friend whose birthday party he will attend this afternoon. Of course every gift needs a card so we quickly found the craft box and it wasn't long before a very wonderful, hand-made, custom-designed card was complete.Late this morning the doorbell rang. Mr. G. answered it and welcomed his dear great-grandmother, my dear little mother. She was our invited guest, invited to join us for lunch. Lots of hugs followed and soon we were enjoying such fun together. Our lunch menu was very special - two of us enjoyed ham sandwiches while one person savored the delights of peanut butter and jelly! Chocolate pudding was served in style at the conclusion of our 'dining experience'. Not long afterwards it was time to bid Mr. G. farewell. While wrapped in my arms he whispered, "This was my bestest ever time, Grandma!" Nothing can top that - ever!


  1. Such gorgeous pictures and your grandson is adorable!

    How neat that you have the same miniature cookstove! I hope you are able to find it this weekend!


  2. Beautiful pictures of your weather changing... I do miss the season changes...
    and your day with your grand son was a fun day for all!!!!
    Grand Kids are the best gift of all aren't they!!!

  3. Beautiful rain and autumn colors and beautiful little grandson. What a joy grandkids must be!


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