Friday, September 19, 2008

The Signs of Politics

If you live on a busy corner in your hometown you will have a deep understanding of my thoughts on political signs. My home is on the corner of a very busy street. We are often asked for permission to place political signs on our corner. We are a prime target for such requests. A long time ago we decided not to allow signs of any kind on our corner. It could become too much so we have always said no. And I have refrained from making any political statements or references here on my blog about my own personal view of the candidates and issues during this pre-election season. However, now I feel I must share with you where I stand. To say what is on my heart. And show you the signs that I wish were on the corner of my property. Two signs have been strategically placed on one of the busiest residential corners in our town. Just a block or two away from my home.These signs have attracted much attention. Oh, if I only had them on the corner of my property! No one would have any doubt of my viewpoint! It's hard to miss these signs! I ignored them at first. Didn't stop long enough to pay attention. Thought they were just your average political signs. Couldn't be bothered! But when my sweetheart pointed them out to me I knew I couldn't keep silent any longer! As you approach the corner from one direction, you see this sign.
When you turn the corner heading the other direction, you see this one.
Now my dear blog friends, please don't be offended by my point of view. You may disagree with me but would you please still be my friend?


  1. A couple of years ago, we had a campaign much like that. The signs were similar. The statement was worded in such a way that it was confusing as to what you were voting for. At least all of the media got on board and fully explained what was going on, what voting yes would do and what voting no would do. That way the public had an understanding. Bazaar! But very important.

    We live near the entrance of one f the largest subdivisions in our state. Everyone wants to put a sign in our yard. Though we are pretty much one sided to the right, we pretty much turn down everyone who asks to put up a sign.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. What a wonderful sense of humor this person has! blessings, marlene

  3. Those are good :) Too funny, yes on no and no on yes.



  4. Hilarious! I feel exactly the same way on these issues:>)lol!

  5. lol It is getting like that. I tell you, I delete the emails, hang up the automatic telephone calls, and choose NOT to read the blogs that are political. Although I intend to vote, I DO just want to be friends.

  6. Has me scratching my head & saying, huh? Somebody has a sense of humor. I bet they cause quite a stir.
    Take care, DebraK

  7. Actually, I think this is really funny! That's about the only political sign I'd have in my yard this year.

    Thanks for stopping by - glad you found me!



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