Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dog Tired

There is one tired little pooch at our house. He's had a big day - an outing to see his doctor! Time for his next shot and a checkup to see how big he's grown and how healthy he is. Joey is in great shape, he weighs five pounds now and he 'graduated' to a real collar. Because he was such a tiny little guy he could only wear a halter for these first weeks of his life to protect his little throat and windpipe. Tomorrow he will get his very first collar! I think he's excited about that. All is well except for the fact that he's one sleepy puppy! The vaccination can make a little guy a bit drowsy and that's exactly what happened. He has been in his little bed all afternoon and has only moved to change positions.
A few days ago our weather was perfect. Spring sunshine and warm temperatures. For the first time since Joey arrived I opened the front door to let the sun shine in through the storm door. He had never been able to sit and look out into the front yard before! It didn't take him long to realize there were things to see - and it was so warm there!Soon he was asleep in the sun.
I think he got a bit too warm because it wasn't long before he turned around to warm the other end!A bit later he moved again - this time to warm his tummy.And then I disturbed his peace!! Another move or two and it obvious this puppy was enjoying the sunshine!But it wasn't long and he followed me down the hall to my office where he quickly found his other bed beside my desk. He has such a hard life!
Note: I have a post filled with photos of recent new treasures and I've lost it. I tried Windows Live Writer, which I enjoyed, but now I can't get back to it - can't find it at all - to add a few more photos. If you know how I can find my post on WLW, please let me know. I really want to share my pretties with you!


  1. Oh what a sweet baby...Adorable.:-)Blessings Adrienne~Sharon G in Salem

  2. Cute pup and photos, Adrienne.

    Did you look on the side bar at WLW to see if there is a draft, saved there? I don't know another place to look.

    I came by to wish you and yours a Happy Easter!

  3. Oh my goodness, what a precious wee puppy. Five pounds. wow. tHat cAt weighs 14.5 pounds. Five pounds. You could carry him in a purse, or, even a wallet, or a pocket, or in the palm of your hand. Sooo cute!


  4. Such a hard life is right, Adrienne ~ They do love the sun. And poor baby having those old shots. He is just adorable, and I enjoyed reading about him. I'll send your question to a friend.

  5. Oh, my! Little Joey is making me want a puppy! He is sooo adorable! I wish I could give him a hug, and hold him on my lap!


  6. Hi, I'm one of the developers on Windows Live Writer. You should be able to find a previous draft by clicking the "Open" button on the toolbar and looking under Drafts. Do you not see it there?

    Feel free to e-mail me at joe.cheng *AT* if you need more help.

  7. Welcome precious little bundle of fur! I hope your mommy and daddy realize what an adventure they have embarqued upon by making you a part of their family. There will be no better companion to have keep mommy company when she is at her computer or her sewing machine. There will be no better listener when no one else would understand. There will be no better comforter when tears need to be kissed away. There will be no better entertainment when you begin to discover that there are shadows of birds and butterflies that will suddenly appear in your warm sunbeams that need to be pounced upon and chased. Remind your humans to check carefully underneath blankets and pillows before they sit down, because you will no doubt be burrowed snuggly beneath one somewhere in the house. Teach them gently, but firmly, that no matter what they think,hear or have read . . . DOXIES MAKE THE RULES and our humans MUST learn to obey them. Have a wonderful life little one! You certainly chose a wonderful family to call your own.

    Blessings and sloppy kisses from Brigitte, the doxie from The Creek!

  8. I think I'm already in love with little Joey. He is so adorable! Enjoy!


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