Thursday, August 27, 2009

Organizing and Storage Advice

Stack of Dishes 2

Help! I have a problem – I need to find the best way to store my extra dishes, teacups, teapots and silver serving pieces. I’m stumped! A bit lost! I need your advice – how and where do you store all of your pretty, and often breakable, pieces that grace your table and buffet settings.

Pile of Plates

Where do you keep them? In a closet? A pantry? A spare closet? In-house storage? Do you have a Butler’s Pantry? Or, do you have a place in the garage?

Butlers Pantry

And how do you store them? Stacked? Carefully wrapped and packaged? In cute little cubbies and nooks and crannies? In plastic storage? In cardboard boxes?

Dish Storage 2

I have a small house with limited storage and I want to store the things that have I have accumulated. Some are in boxes in the garage but they are not easy to get to and easily retrieved. I have open shelves that would hold plastic or cardboard storage containers but I wonder what is most useful. What is most efficient? If they are too hard to get to – and to put away – I will not use them often. And I DO want to use them.

Stack of Teacups

Some of you have millions of pieces of china and the accompanying serving pieces and accessories. What is your best advice?

Blue Dishes

Inquiring blog friends need to know!

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  1. Adrienne do you have space under your bed? Some people don't want anything under there but they waste valuable storage space! I have found that the lids of boxes that computer paper comes in (like they use at school to run off work pages?) will slide under there easily if you don't stack stuff too high. You can put dishes in them, lay an old clean towel over them to keep the dust off and just push them back so they won't be seen. If your spread goes to the floor you don't even have to push far! blessings, marlene

  2. I've been going through this problem lately since I've bought a few (inexpensive) dishes. I was afraid my kitchen cabinets would fall off the wall with all the new heavy dishes!! LOL! Just this week I put them in the bottom of my china cabinet (behind doors.) I have paper or a napkin between the plates, I wrapped the cups.

    Before I put them in the cabinet I had some of them in a Rubbermaid box under the bed!


  3. I can't help you with this problem since I haven't accumulated many extra dishes. (Though I really want a fall set, and a Christmas set, and ....!) I think you should build a room exactly like that pine covered butlers pantry in the picture in your post. Boy that's gorgeous! Hope you get it all figured out so you can use all your beautiful dishes easily.

  4. Oh yes, I do have this issue in our home. I have dishes in my kitchen cabinets, the display portion of my china cabinet, the bottom storage section of my china cabinet ... My husband built narrow shelves inside one side of our coat closet in the hall, and I was surprised how many dishes I was able to fit in there. I also have dishes in the drawers of pieces of furniture in the living room.

  5. I can't help you with this issue because I am struggling to find a solution too. I loved your beautiful dishes. They look like classic masterpieces. I totally loved every piece, touchwood.

  6. I have an extra set of dishes and a small house. I put them in a see through plastic bin ( with paper plates between them) and store them in the basement on some pantry shelves.


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