Monday, September 14, 2009

Me Addicted? You’ve Got To Be Kidding!

Cobweb Computer

After two days without internet and email service because of a faulty router I have to admit one thing. Hi, my name is Adrienne and I’m a computer junkie! I thought I would go nuts without contact from the outside world and all of you. And every time I thought of information I needed to find, it wasn’t available because it was online! So, now that I understand and have admitted it – I feel SO much better. And with my cute, new router came the news that I can have fiber-optic service right to my home in a few weeks. The engineering department has been notified and they will contact my sweetheart and I to discuss what needs to happen and their timeline and soon we will be in the current century. For a few days! Until something new is invented and comes our way. The benefits of fiber, you ask? My televisions will be on separate ‘lines’ from the computer access coming into my house and the routers that now take up space on my desk will be replaced with a teeny, little box that is just for my computer! What that really means is if there is a problem with the computer access we won’t lose our TV service. Like we did this weekend! And if the TV service goes out for any reason I can happily spend my time on the computer!! Whew, that was a lot to learn. And I didn’t even really want to learn it this way.

Computer Baby

But I’m a happy camper now and I will catch up with you and return emails and enjoy what you have shared since I last checked in. Now, I have work to do so I can spend time on the computer this evening while my sweetheart watches a football game or some other sporting event. I fear he suffered withdrawal, too – no sports this weekend! We were forced to talk to each other, read, work on needlework (me) and Sudoku (him), attend a surprise seventieth birthday party for our friend and neighbor and be blessed by the sweet outdoor wedding of a dear friend last evening.

Computer and Tea

On second thought, maybe we don’t need that TV and computer after all! Or, maybe we have learned that it’s possible to discipline ourselves with our time. Do you think? Maybe so!


  1. I think we are all addicts Adrienne! I have become so used to looking up any information I want within seconds, I go nuts without my crutch...I mean computer:>) Glad you are back with us!

  2. I know that was hard with no TV or computer. I'm glad you got it fixed. I missed you.

  3. I was without my computer from Saturday morning until this evening and YES I also am a computer junkie. I was just traveling and didn't have access, which is much better than what you had to deal with. What would we do without them? I have thought of that several times lately.

  4. Thank you for your encouragement. I look forward t o meeting you. I too love my computer. Your banner is spectacular!! See you soon.

  5. ""We were forced to talk to each other...""

    ha! I'm sorry but this comment just left me in stitches!

    tickleberry farm


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