Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Signs Of Autumn

Autumn Leaves 2 Fall, once more, has descended -
There’s a briskness in the air!
Beds of pungent, Autumn flowers
Emit their fragrance everywhere.

Trees are changing all their colors -
Hues of red and gold are found.
Leaves are making earth’s new carpet,
Slowly spreading o’er the ground.

Soon old Winter will be calling
With his early morning chill;
But for now, let’s savor Autumn -
While it lingers, soft and still.

written by Mary S. Chevalier
published in ‘Blessings Upon Blessings’
from the Salesian Collection


  1. Lovely; though I am a reluctant traveler into fall.

  2. So far, our Autumn is off to a wonderful start. The days have been providing us plenty of welcomed sunshine. The temps are dipping a tad, but yes, the leaves are showing their fall colors. The days are becoming shorter, and we all know winter will be knocking at our doors before we know it. Winter, has it's own beauties; there's nothing like plopping yourself down into a soft quilt of snow, glacing at the sky filled with trillions of stars. It looks so brilliant and bright,the air so fresh and pure, then when you stand, looking back at the spot you just left with a snow angel to be shared ...


  3. Lovely...fall is by far my favorite season!

  4. Adrienne, this is beautiful. It made me stop to think and gaze out my office window. Autumn is my husband's favorite season.

  5. A very pretty poem ~ I think all creation is enjoying the cooler weather.


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