Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gifts From A Charming Friend

Sometimes it seems there is a bond with new friends almost the moment you meet them. At other times - like in the blog world - there is a bond before you actually meet them. That's what happened to me! Not long after I began my journey into the world of blog I was 'drawn' to a new friend who lives a short distance from me. I really think what drew us together was the fact that she lives just about two miles from my son and his family - and you know that makes it even more special to my heart! It wasn't long after I began to visit Laurie at Laurie's Charming Designs often and soon I realized she lived in the same Oregon town as my son and his wife and three of my grandsons. And then one day, when I saw a photo on her blog that showed snow in her driveway, I realized I had driven past her home many times on my way to see our kids! At times I stopped at the Goodwill not far from her home and I wondered if I would run into her there - how would I know her? I decided I would probably find her by the things in her shopping cart - she would be buying the things I would buy if I had seen them first. And as I saw more and more of her artistry I was positive I would find her if we were there at the same time. Would we both look at something at the same time and reach for it at the same moment? Then one day we finally got to meet each other! In person. She was a vendor at the Deepwood Estate Antique Faire and I was there to photograph the event! And shop! I shared about the Faire here. As soon as I arrived I began to look for her - and within minutes I found her. We knew each other right away and it didn't take long for the hugs to begin.


(Laurie on the right, with a customer)

If you've never seen Laurie's creations and designs up close you've really missed a treat! They are more beautiful to see in person than photos can show. Of course I wanted them all! I did a bit of shopping but that was later after I did what I went to do - photograph her booth and her work - and the other vendors at the Faire. Laurie's artistry is incredible and she adds such life to ordinary objects.

Charming Chair

Her little charms are so sweet they bring a smile to my face!

Charming Designs Charms

Charming Designs Charms 2

Her handcrafted little felt birdies appear on pincushions made from found objects. Baby shoes. . .

Charming Designs Booth

Laurie Shoe Birdie

Old silver pieces. . .

Laurie Birdie

Vintage cups. . .

Laurie Birdie 3

And snowy white milk glass.

Laurie Birdie 2

And her creativity continues. Mixed media combines her painting and buttons and assorted pretties.

Laurie Art

And sweet little chalkboards show her special touch.

Charming Sign

These sweet little birds were for sale.

Charming Birds

And an old child’s sewing machine (be still my heart!).

Laurie Sewing Machine

We enjoyed seeing each other that day and every time I passed by, Laurie and I smiled and chatted a bit – and loved every minute we could be together. Since then we have emailed and commented on each other’s blogs and one of these days we will see each other again sometime – somewhere – soon. We hope!

Charming Booth

Those are such sweet memories – but then, just a few days ago a I found a wonderful surprise in my mailbox! When I saw the envelope I knew exactly who it was from. Without looking at the return address!

Laurie Envelope

This was not just any ordinary, old envelope! No-sir-ee! It was a work of art – Laurie’s artwork graced my mailbox. I couldn’t wait to get inside to open it and see what it held. And I was not disappointed – not at all. Inside I found this sweet note. See the way she ‘dresses’ up a simple note?

Laurie Note

And the sweetness kept coming! A hand-painted tag – from Laurie’s hand to me!

Gift Tag

One of her sweet, little magnets. . .


An autumn charm. . .

Punkin Charm

And on the back – a hand-painted quilt block!

Punkin Charm - Back

Laurie knows I love yellow roses, so she painted one just for me. She told me they are hard to paint because the shading wants to change color.

Rose Charm

And on the back – writing. Beautiful words.

Rose Charm - Back

Thank you, my friend, you have blessed my heart with your kindness. And your talent always amazes me.

I hope you will stop by Laurie’s blog and see more of her work. I know she would love to help you choose a piece (or two!) of her work so you can be as blessed as I!


  1. Ohhhh Adrienne. You are the sweetest. My heart is bursting. You are such a delight. Thank you so much for this blog. It makes me feel extremely special. I am so glad that we have become friends!! I know we will run into each other at the Goodwill one of these days. lol. Thanks again dear friend! Laurie

  2. This is so sweet of you to showcase your friend and her amazing talents.
    Have a wonderful weekend...

  3. What a sweet surprise! I'm so thankful you've been blessed in such a thoughtful way, Adrienne. Laurie is indeed a special lady, as are you. :o)

    jAne * tickleberry farm

  4. beautiful little treasures..So nice you met a great friend..
    take care,

  5. Hi Adrienne! Oh, how wonderful to get to meet your friend. She is very talented and look at all your little goodies she sent you!
    I don't visit as much as I should, but you'll always be one of my sweeties. Have a blessed Thanksgiving,
    Shelia ;)

  6. what a lovely story about the 'gift' of friendship...kindred spirits are a gift from God to share our journey and it brighten our lives!!!

  7. Hi Adrienne!
    I've been following Laurie's blog for a few weeks now and just love her beautiful painting and artistry! Her felted birds are delightful!
    So nice that you live close to each other and have become friends!
    Your pictures of Laurie's work are faboulous!
    Really enjoyed this!
    Have a blessed Sunday!
    Blessings to You from the Cabin!
    Claudia O.

  8. I keep wanting to go to Deepwood Estate to some of their events, but just never make it. I love Laurie's artwork. I am just learning to make charms and hope to have some done for Christmas gifts. Her's are beautiful.

  9. Laurie is an amazing artist. I was lucky enough to win one of her beautiful charms in a give away and I have it prominently displayed on my jewelry board. How fortunate you are to have such a lovely gift from her:>)

  10. wonderful photos! thanks for the inspiration and encouragement! lora

  11. Very awesome! Isn't receiving a package in the mail such a surprise blessing?? Amazing!


  12. Oh, and thank you for stopping by my blog and thinking my Grandson is adorable! He is the reason we moved here (just before he was born). Isn't having Grandkids the most amazing thing in the world? They are so precious. I'm anxious for more! :)


  13. What beautiful handpainted things!

    Thanks for your comment! I am so far behind, been wrapping gifts and getting ready for the family to come Wed., I'm running out of time!!

    I hope all is well with you and your family. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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