Sunday, December 13, 2009


Snowy Day - Mt. Hood

The Christmas message goes straight to our searching hearts and tells us that Christ alone can bring us lasting peace – peace with God, peace among people and nations, peace within our hearts. - Billy Graham

photo: ‘Snowy Day On Mt. Hood, Oregon’
photographer: Janis Miglavs


  1. a lovely photo with even a lovlier message...thank you!

  2. I enjoyed seeing Pittock Mansion pictures and beautiful Mt. Hood. So sad to have some climbers missing there.

    Blessings to you on Christmas! I think we should meet for a cup of tea sometime in 2010. There is a tearoom in West Linn I would like to visit.

  3. Adrienne, this photo is a perfect reflection of the peace given to us by God.

  4. Adrienne, So nice to see you Sunday! It was sooo busy. 266 attended! Love your posts on Pittock Mansion. So beautiful. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas! Hugs, Martha

  5. Have a lovely and safe Christmas

  6. Your music is so lovely today, my sweet friend.


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