Monday, March 8, 2010


Today is a day to celebrate at our house! Every year on March eighth we count some of our dearest blessings and stop to share our hearts and gratitude for two precious gifts from the Father above.

Thirty-six years ago today God sent one of those ‘good and perfect’ gifts from above. Our son was born and he has grown to be such a wonderful young man. He brings much joy to our hearts and we are so proud of him. He loves God dearly and serves Him with his whole heart. He and his sweet wife have given us three of the most loved grandsons any grandparents could have!


Twelve years ago today our first grandchild was born. When Miss A. arrived she filled our hearts with a love we never dreamed possible. She is quickly becoming a young lady - it seems it was just yesterday that we welcomed her into our arms and our hearts.


A quiet celebration is going on in our home this afternoon. It was a year ago today that Joey and I ‘met’. Somehow that seems strange – it was Miss A.’s birthday and I got a birthday gift! That was the day Miss A. and her family bought Joey for MY birthday, even though it was several months away. I have to admit that it was love at first sight for both Joey and I! He is celebrating today with a big rawhide chew.

Abigal and Joey - 3-8-09

As I have reflected back on the years past and the events I remember on this day each year I realize all over again how very much I have been blessed. The gift of a little dog from my daughter and her children to me. And two gifts from Heaven above - our son who brings much joy to my heart and a dear granddaughter whose love means more than words can say !


  1. Happy birthday to your son and granddaughter, Adrienne!

  2. Happy celebrating to all! It's my half sister's birthday today too. Such wonderful March for celebrating and enjoying the bounty of loving family and pets.

  3. just coming by to say hello...
    have a great day..

  4. March birthday's are the greatest! Happy birthday to all the celebrants in your family!


  5. In my Bible study this week we looked at celebrations - what joy we have when we are able to celebrate with others. It's in the sharing of the love that true joy comes. blessings, marlene

  6. Dear Adrienne...

    I found you on Alaura's site when your name jumped out at me.

    My grown daughter's name is Adrienne and I'm always captivated by another who share it. So....I just had to stop by and say hello.

    I call my girl, Adrie. Only me. Does anyone call you that?

    Hugs to you, friend. Sweet, sweet blog you have.


  7. What worthy celebrations all falling on the same day! Congratulations to all the celebrants.

    Thank you, Adrienne, for all your prayers. They have made a difference!!!


  8. Dear Adrienne
    I celebrate with you. Congratulations to everyone. Isn't it a blessing to have lots of things to celebrate.
    ((hug)) Rhondi


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