Saturday, May 22, 2010

Picture This!

Sometimes in life we go about our days and think we’ve accomplished all we want to do and then. . .we slow down or turn around and find that special something that just makes our day. We smile because it brightens our world and adds a bit of color where we least expected it to be. Things change and we know everything would have been different if we hadn’t stopped long enough to notice. That’s exactly what happened to me yesterday!

For at least a year I have had a mirror on my living room wall. I found it at a yard sale - the frame had been repainted and it was horrible! But the ‘bones’ were great and I visualized it on the wall near my front door. A couple of coats of white paint (and the intention to antique it a bit to bring out it’s character) and it was on the wall! Just like this.

Wall - Mirror

Over the past few weeks I’ve looked at this spot and wondered what to add to the corner. I've thought of stripping and repainting the frame, perhaps a soft yellow or an ‘antiquey’ white (and I may do that). Then yesterday my dear little mother and I were in a nearby Goodwill. I was in line just ahead of her with a few books and a gorgeous silver platter (you’ll see it soon!). I noticed some big framed pictures on the wall across from me a ways. They were nice but nothing I would choose for my home. I noticed that one on the end was obscured by a large artificial flower arrangement. Not needing another big framed picture I just glanced but didn’t really pay attention. Not until after I had paid and moved ahead so my dear mother could pay for her things. As I stepped to the end of the counter and turned around, suddenly I could see a bit of the picture behind the flower arrangement. And what I saw made me move closer and take another look! I couldn’t believe what I saw and I asked my dear mother to come and look. Her first words were, ‘That’s YOU! You need that in your house. It’s perfect! You can’t leave it here!’

Wall - Flower Picture

It didn't take long and I knew exactly where I would put it – it would replace the mirror! I asked for help to take it off the wall, got back in line, paid for it and left feeling incredibly grateful that I had turned around and noticed a bit of color behind the big flowers on the shelf. My sweetheart is away fishing today and I’ve been puttering around the house, taking it easy and enjoying a chance to fluff my home a bit. Bet you guessed what I did nearly first thing this morning!

Wall - Flowers

A little corner of my world is brighter today – because I turned around and looked at just the right moment. I wonder how many bits and pieces of life that would brighten the day are missed because I stay too focused on where I’m going and I don’t take the time to slow down, turn around and pay attention!

(The mirror will reappear sometime soon. I have a spot in mind and perhaps a new look. My new picture was a Home Interiors item. The artist is Barbara Mock, a long-time favorite of mine. The process used makes the picture look as if it is an oil painting – the texture is incredible – and I’m a happy girl!)


  1. Adrienne it is wonderful. I forget to look behind stacks of prints, etc. I think I better start paying attention!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Beautiful! YaY for you! Well it looks like at our house we will be virtually moving out in order to paint everything die to the smoke damage, and then move back I am going to be doing LOTS of fluffing, changing colors, etc. All things work together for good, I keep reminding myself!

  3. What a great find. I love visiting your blog but usually don't comment.

  4. It's beautiful Adrienne, and I can see it's you:>) What a lucky find!

  5. Adrienne....Have I visited you before my friend??????

    I was leaving a comment on another blog and saw your name and comment. My daughter's name is Adrienne and I RARELY see it. And so...when I do I have to follow the rabbit trail to find out who it belongs to!

    What a SWEET bloggie you have! I will visit again to read more soon.


  6. It's a beautiful picture Adrienne. I haven't found anything nearly that nice at our Goodwill...I think that means I don't do often enough. :) blessings, marlene

  7. Oh, That is so pretty, Adrienne. You are smart to be able to do that with the picture.

  8. It is just perfect for you! I love the blues and yellows in it and the frame is gorgeous! Isn't Goodwill great for finding treasures!


  9. Taylor made for you!!!!!! It is perfect.


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