Saturday, May 15, 2010

Retreat Memories – Day Two

Yesterday I shared a bit about our church ladies’ retreat last weekend. We were in such a beautiful setting in a part of Oregon not far from my back door. I was hard to believe I had never been there before! Our retreat leader lives just ten minutes from the retreat center and she knew of the incredible beauty that was nearby. During our free time on Saturday afternoon twenty-four of us boarded our church bus and headed up the road for a tour.


I was not prepared for what I saw – didn’t have a clue that it was there! The tour took us along the banks of the Molalla River. This river continues on and empties into the Willamette River just a mile or two from my home. I didn't know that this Bureau of Land Management area was less than an hour from my home. The Molalla River Corridor is absolutely gorgeous! There are places to fish, hike, have a picnic, camp and ride your horse (bring your own horse!). We passed several groups of riders along the way.


The river is on one side of the road and high rock formations in places on the other side. In some spots many jagged layers of basalt can be seen from high overhead down to the water's edge.


This area is called ‘Party Rock’ – famous for swimming parties on warm days.




Nearby, delicate white flowers on a tree.


There was so much to see - and many other places to stop. The road continues many miles beyond where we turned around. I want to return to this scenic area soon – with my sweetheart, a picnic basket filled with things to delight the tummy and my camera!


  1. What a beautiful series of photos! And to think, it's so close to where you live!

  2. what beautiful vistas! looks like the retreat was a great success :)

  3. This looks like the perfect place to get away, recharge and have some special time with God. It reminds you of his power and majesty just to look a these lovely vistas:>)

  4. hey i just wanted to say that i follow your blog and have missed your 'rawness' - so to speak-. i could really tell that the posts were diff and i am glad you are back. i never leave comments but just wanted ya to know! cool ok bye

  5. Looks so pretty! I want to stick my feet in that water on a warm day. Of course, living in Astoria, I can only remember what warm days felt like. LOL!

  6. Interesting to come with you on these two rides.

  7. Only God could make something that beautiful. :) blessings, marlene

  8. Hello Adrienne, just checking your Sunday posts, and wanted to say how much I love them. The retreat must have been wonderful for you...God made such a beautiful place to get closer to Him, didn't He? My honey & I will have to check out that area for camping too! Have a lovely week, and talk with you real soon!

  9. That is just gorgeous, Adrienne. I can't believe you did not know it was there. I know you will return with your Sweetheart.


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