Friday, August 13, 2010

A Blissful Gift and A Dream House

Awhile ago I won a give-away from Shari at My Cottage of Bliss. Shari gave me a choice of gift cards from several great places and I chose a three-in-one gift card from HomeGoods, TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. I was thrilled and excited and couldn’t wait to find something very special. Since it’s a bit of a drive from my little community in the suburbs to any of these places I had to wait a bit longer than planned before I could ‘spend’ my gift card. But, oh, was it worth the wait! I think I saw nearly everything in HomeGoods before I rounded a corner and – there it was! Oh, the house of my dreams – my little cottage of bliss! Just waiting for me.

Birdhouse 3

My dear cousin was with me when I found it and she agreed with me – this little house ‘looked just like me’! It was perfect. Exactly the kind of house I would love to have in real life. If were a little birdie I would move in right now!


And if I lived here, you could come knock on my door and we could sit on the porch, share a pot of tea and have a l-o-n-g chat.


This little house thrills my heart every time I see it. My sweetheart asked if I plan to hang it outside so the bird can enjoy it. I told him I didn’t want the birds messing up my new house!


Can’t you just imagine the ‘dreamy’ little bedroom under the eaves?

Birdhouse 6

I’m sure this little cottage would be perfectly cozy all year round. Imagine enjoying Spring and Summer breezes blowing gently through the open windows. Or, how comfy we could be sipping hot chocolate beside the fire on a cold, winter day.


Maybe I should paint my house to match my new little birdhouse! Oh, but then I would need to add a porch and railing, an upstairs and a balcony. So I think I’ll just sit and enjoy this little cottage – and dream of the possibilities.

(Thank you, Shari, for your wonderful gift to me – I think of you and your real-life Cottage of Bliss every time I see it. If you haven’t met Shari, be sure to stop by and visit her blog and see the wonderful new place they are renovating so they can move in soon.)


  1. homegoods is one of my favorite places. it's right next to trader joe's so of course i need to visit every week, even for just a few minutes dashing through the clearance aisles!

    love your 'new home' - it is very you. :o)

  2. Oh my, Adrienne, this little bird "cottage" is just adorable! Too darn cute! And I'm so happy you were able to spend the gift card on something that made your heart sing. :)

    Belated Happy Birthday too. It looks like you had a wonderful and memorable celebration.

  3. What a lovely gift! A pretty yellow cottage does suit you Adrienne. Aren't blog friends just wonderful?

  4. I love that store AND I love your new 'home'. Congrats on your win.
    Have a lovely summer weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. Adrienne, that's so beautiful! Love it!


  6. Adrienne,
    I love your little cottage, even the right color. It is definitely for you and not the birds. Enjoy!


  7. Adrienne, how sweet! And how you! Yellow! What a delightful prize. You chose it very well. I have yet to visit Homegoods. My store is about 60 miles away. I know I will be 'gah' when I first step in the doors!


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