Saturday, August 21, 2010

Change Is In The Air


The days have begun to have that ‘feel’ of Fall in the air – and there are other changes around here! I have changed my blog to a private domain. Over the next three days everything from my blog will be redirected to my new blog address:

You may want to change your blog readers or your Favorites list. I’ll still be here – and I hope more often! This is a change I’ve thought about for a long time and I decided it was time – time to make a change.

There are other changes in my life and I can’t wait to share them with you soon. Don’t worry – they are good changes. Exciting changes that are making a big difference for me! (Not to worry, my sweetheart is still here!)

Please contact me if you have any problems accessing my blog. I’ve been assured the transition will be smooth. We shall see!


  1. I found your blog through another site and I noticed that we had the same name so of course I had to come here. You have a lovely thoughful and full of peace; I will definately be returning.

    Come and say hello to me sometime...from another Adrienne.

  2. I will change my bookmarks. I would love to know what the advantages of a private domain are. Blogger seems so easy. Do tell, why did you make this move?

  3. Change in the air here too. It is beginning to feel like Autumn having had torrential rain for a few weeks and pretty cold winds. A little better this week, dryer and low 60's.

  4. Hi,
    Good to hear from you again! I'm also interested in why you made the change from Blogger. I'm trying to get up nerve to change to the new blogger, but scared I'll mess something up!

    You may also like the second post I did tonight, it has yellow roses.



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