Thursday, September 2, 2010

And We’re Off Again!

This afternoon shortly after my sweetheart gets home from work we will leave and drive to the Oregon Coast for a week of vacation. We will soon be on the highway, then travel over the mountains and arrive in our home-away-from-home this evening. One of my sweetheart’s sisters and one of his brothers and their spouses will join us there – his other sister and brother aren’t able to be there. We will miss them and wish we could all be together. Perhaps next year! As in the past, we will drive to Tillamook, the home of the famous cheese and dairy products, and stay in the RV park across the street from the cheese factory.


During our stay in Tillamook the men will go crabbing on the bay while the ladies antique and thrift and check out all the other RV parks and campgrounds in the area (planning ahead to next year!). On Monday the rest of the family will head home and return to work on Tuesday but we will still be on vacation! We will drive a ways down the Oregon Coast to Lincoln City where we will be able to spend time with dear friends of ours who are walking through very rough places. We are looking forward to being together to talk and laugh and cry together – and, most important, to encourage them and pray together. Tuesday morning will find us on the road again, driving down the coast highway to the southern Oregon Coast near where we used to live. We will spend three nights camped alongside a gorgeous lake where we used to camp with our kids when they were young. My sweetheart will be able to fish to his heart’s content and I will ride in the boat, walk and read and relax and, perhaps, work on a project or two that is going with me.

Our little dog, Joey, is not going with us this time. He has been at our daughter’s house since early this week where he is 'doggy-sitting' four of our grandchildren. Phone calls each evening reveal things about his personality we’ve never seen before. He loves the kids, but he is completely enraptured with our dear little Miss Hannah (four months old). Whenever she cries, he cries – and he goes to her and waits until someone picks her up or takes care of her. I’m afraid he’s having way too much fun and may not want to come home to our quiet house! Our oldest granddaughter thinks it will be a relief for him to come home! Here are some photos of one of Joey’s recent naps on the sofa. He decided to ‘adopt’ one of the sofa cushions and what started out to be a seat on top of the cushion to see out the window ended up to be a rather silly way to sleep. He fell asleep on top of the cushion and then - oops, he fell off – head first onto an old quilt – and just kept sleepin
g! Didn't miss a beat!



I will have my laptop with me and will have internet access in the RV park – so, I hope to stay in touch and be able to share some of our adventures along the way.


  1. lol, that lil dog looks way too cozy. Across the street from that cheese factory would be way too tempting for me. I love cheese! I know you will have a wonderful time. Hugs ~

  2. The Tillamook/Cape Meares area is our favorite place at the coast.

    We always stop at Pacific Seafood and buy fresh fish to bring home, and Five Rivers Coffee Roasters for fresh beans!

    Have a lovely trip. I envy you!

  3. Your puppie pic is sooo cute. Have fun! We never did make it to the cheese factory. Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful time. I am making a list of places for you to visit when you get down this way on vacation

  4. Hi Adrienne, your vacation sound wonderful! Joey looks so cute on your sofa, why is it that they sleep upside-down???? Have a happy and safe trip,


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