Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas In The Village

I’m back in business again – finally able to download photos from my camera to the computer! Did I find the ever-illusive, missing cord? No! A few of you asked why I didn’t just go out and buy another one. The answer is simple – the camera shops are in nearby communities so I couldn’t just ‘run’ down to the store to pick up a new cord. But, as I was on my way somewhere the other day I stopped at a camera shop to ask about a new one. No, they didn’t have cords. But they did introduce me to something I hadn’t heard of. I bought a card reader! My memory card slips into it and it plugs into a USB port on my computer and – viola! – photos download. Just like that! It seems some of you already knew about them but it was a new idea to me. Now I’m back in business and ready to share photos with you again. Here’s just a little peek at some of the decorations in our home. My Courier and Ives village is at home on my mantel. (You can see my ceramic tree across the room reflected in the mirror.)


These are just some of the pieces in the village collection. Tomorrow I will show you the rest. This is the ‘city’ – tomorrow I will show you the ‘country’. It’s in a more ‘rural’ setting – a ways from the city!


Several years ago I fell in love with this Courier and Ives village. I looked and looked, time after time, before I decided to jump in and start my collection. They were on sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics near the office where I worked at the time. I didn’t want to pay full price – and I didn’t. I used coupons that came in my mailer and I watched for sales that resulted in lower prices than I could get with my coupons. I gathered them one piece at a time. New pieces were issued the following year and I began my trek up and down the hill again to get more. Between sale times and coupon dates I spied out and planned my next purchase. Often, on the first day of a new sale or coupon, I would take my morning coffee break and quickly drive up the hill to be sure to get the next piece I wanted before they were all gone. Accessories were added but I wasn’t content to only have the pieces that came with the collection. I had to have more. Imagine my excitement when I discovered pieces the same size and scale at the Dollar Store! So, I added more and more little parts to the scenes.


When I started my village collection I displayed the ‘city’ portion on the top of our entertainment center. It was perfect! At the time our mantel was very narrow and rather plain. When we remodeled our fireplace (seen here) we didn’t plan the mantel width to accommodate the buildings but it worked out just right! When we moved to a larger television we found we needed a new entertainment center. We chose to purchase units that would accommodate a bigger screen in the future but we lost the surface above the television. Now, where would I put the village? Last year I was thrilled to find that my village fit on the mantel.


Last year I put a fleece-y fabric under the village but it wasn’t what I wanted. This year I started to do the same and had some thoughts about enhancing it a bit to improve on last year. When I began to put it all together it wasn’t what I wanted. I thought maybe I would purchase some white felt and cut the edge that hangs over to look like icicles, but that didn’t seem right, either. Then – suddenly – I had a thought. I remembered a beautiful piece of damask that I bought at a garage sale. It had a gorgeous crocheted edge. Someone had cut it and had made it into a valance and I was sure it would work. It was just perfect! It was the exact length as the mantel and the crochet design looked like snowdrifts gently falling down. Every time I look at it I smile – I’m so pleased with the way it turned out.


Sometimes I look at the village on the mantel and the reflection of the tree and decorations around the room and I just smile with contentment. I love the way it looks and I always feel sad when it’s time to put it away. Every year my sweetheart asks me to leave it up long after the tree and other decorations are stored safely away for another year. Then the Christmas village becomes a winter village! For just a bit more time we enjoy the little lights that shine from the windows and the busy people who come and go on my mantel. I wonder – do they see us here? Watching them and smiling? And loving every moment their little village graces our little home with their presence? Hmm. . .perhaps.


  1. Your village looks beautiful on the mantel. Your damask and lace valance is perfect there!

  2. That valance is the perfect touch to your mantel village! Yes, I do believe the little people from the village see you there, smiling at them. They are smiling back.

    I didn't put my village up this year. Only the brew pub and winery is in my dining room with trees and people milling about. You've made me want to break it all out....

  3. Oh, hallelujah! You found a way to get your pictures to your computer. I've never heard of that either and maybe I should get one.
    Now your little Currier and Ives village is darling. I've never seen one before. For many years I collected the blue and white Currier and Ives dishes. I have so many and had them out and displayed for probably 20 years. Got tired of them and packed them away.
    Merry Christmas, Dear One,
    shelia ;)

  4. I just love your village there!! What a great idea to put it on the mantle!! I just might have to start collecting for a village. I just love seeing what everyone has done with them! Have a Merry Christmas!

  5. I wondered where you got that mantle cloth! What a wonderful find - something you already had that was the perfect thing. I call that a "God wink". blessings, marlene

  6. If I don't talk to you again before Christmas just know that I hope you have a wonderful one dear friend.

  7. I'm just getting around to doing my replies, we were gone all weekend!!

    I enjoyed seeing your Christmas village so much, it is beautiful, thanks for sharing them with us! The lace is perfect for the mantel, love it!

    I have just posted more of my decorations too, you are invited to come see!


  8. O, I love your village and the lace beneath it. Your mantel is just lovely.

    Thanks so much for coming by. I always love seeing you.

    Have fun tomorrow with your thrifting friend.:))
    Merry Christmas.

    P.S. I am sensing a change in you, sweet Adrienne. Not sure just what yet. It is a good change..a happy change. Your entire attitude seems happier, more pep.
    Have a good day tomorrow.:) and buy something that takes your breath away.!!

  9. Such a pretty mantel with your wonderful village! I am loving your mantel scarf too!!

    Have a blessed Christmas!

    bee blessed

  10. Good morning Adrienne. I am having my coffee and visiting, as promised in my break post. It's Tuesday and actually the first day I've had time to really sit and visit, for awhile.

    I love your village. Absolutely beautiful! Your mantel is amazing. The mantel cloth is gorgeous!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  11. I do love your village also. That last picture is especially pretty with your tree reflecting in the mirror. The mantel cloth is beautiful also. Isn't Christmas fun! I am so happy you now have the card reader. Mine is almost worn out, but I love it.

  12. Hello my dear friend! Your blog looks beautiful and so does your mantel! It does sound like you had a busy day. I miss you and hope we can finally get together after the holidays! Much love to you!

  13. Sorry i'm so late to the party my friend. Busy season! I love your beautiful lighted houses and the lacey runner you have them on! I have a little inexpensive set of houses that I didn't get down this year. I just did minimal decorating, once I am done with school I can concentrate on really doing it up:>) Maybe next year? Happy Christmas my friend. I hope you have all your dear family gathered round enjoying the beautiful decorations, the food and each others love!

  14. I like your village!
    My daughter is looking for one.
    She hasn't decided which to collect. She doesn't want a huge amount...just some to display on the baby grand.

    Hope you are enjoying a nice Lord's day today!
    D xo


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