Saturday, August 20, 2011

I’m A Dreamer!

The service for my friend was a beautiful tribute to a life well lived – a life that honored God, loved her family and friends and made a difference wherever she went.  None of us will be the same because she was part of our lives.

Today we are going to relax and take time to slow the pace of life and enjoy time together.    P8190507Yesterday morning the wind was just right for sail-boarding and kites.  The sun is shining again today – who knows what we’ll see.P8190510We’ve lived at the Oregon Coast twice since we were married. It always seems to call me back and I have dreams of living here again. My sweetheart smiles and listens to my dreams. And lets me keep dreaming.  Yesterday we drove to a favorite viewpoint overlooking the ocean and when I stepped out of the car to take photos - right there, next to me - I saw this sign.     P8190493The house beside our favorite viewpoint is for sale!  P8190497Oh, the things I could do with a house at the beach.  I have ideas – lots of ideas!  My sweetheart listens – and smiles.  And says, ‘That house is in the tsunami zone!’  He’s the practical one.  A little while later he drives slowly up the hill as I ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over more homes for sale.  Then, at the end of the road he sees one that would delight my heart – a little, old cottage with personality.  And windows that look out to the coastline below.  He quietly says, ‘One good thing about that house – it’s above the tsunami zone!’  Always thinking of things to consider, he smiles and knows I’m just dreaming.  For right now. 

Dream on, my heart, dream on.  A little dreaming never hurt anyone, did it?  Dreams really do come true.  Sometimes.


  1. I could dream of a cottage by the sea too. You and I, we dream similar dreams at times.

  2. Adrienne, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. I know you honored her well at the service for her. Your post and daydreaming reminded me that HE has gone to prepare a place for us. I'm looking beyond and longing for that place right now.

  3. Dream on, that is a beautiful place.

  4. The day we give up on dreaming is the day we become obsolete. I truly believe that. To dreamvis to be vitally involved with life and the world around us. Keep dreaming Adrienne, dreams still come true:>)


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