Monday, August 8, 2011

Respite In A Special Place

A few days ago I needed to take a break from the rush of life.  I knew where to go –a favorite place of mine called out to me!  Like sweet water to my soul, it nourished my tired, weary body and filled my heart with joy. I ‘sneaked’ away for just a bit of time to this special place that always seems to take me away from the noise and the rush of the world for a bit.  This place I love is in the middle of a big city.  Traffic comes and goes all around but if you listen with your heart you don’t hear it – all you hear are sounds of peace.  And quiet.  Let me take you there.
P8040371It’s a place of beauty. . .
A place for quiet reflection. . . 
A place where nature peeks through and makes you smile. . .    
P8040363A place where a secret garden calls you to go beyond the gate. . .  P8040374 A place where the unseen can be seen if you look for it. . .
A place that changes every day. . .P8040379
A place where little things are all around you. . .P8040417    P8040418And a place where sunshine can highlight simple beauty.     P8040423I’m going there again today.
This time I won’t be strolling through the gardens. Instead, I’ll be upstairs to help take down a vintage wedding gown display. The gowns will be packed away to be seen again some other day!  It’s a chance for me to help give time so this special place can continue to be a place where time seems to stand still.  A place that touches the heart.  A place that is a respite from the busyness of everyday life.
Salem, Oregon


  1. Sounds so peaceful. I wish I was there to go with you.

  2. We all need places to get away and this is a special one! Did you ever notice that the places we turn to for solace and reflection are most often filled with the gloriously beautiful creations of God? These gardens are amazing:>) I keep you in my prayers.

  3. What a lovely, lovely place. You are fortunate to be able to spend time there. Have a relaxing and enjoyable day.

  4. O, my..what a beautiful place. I can see how it renews your spirit. I love places that makes us feel closer to God.

    Shelia at NoteSongs had a Rooster party today and I thought of you and the plate you won from me.
    That was a fun time.

    I hope things are ok in your world..come see me when you can.
    xo bj

  5. Hi Adrienne - Just stopping by to say hello. What a lovely post. I've never heard of Deepwood Estate. The gardens are beautiful and your photographs capture it well.

  6. Is this in Salem? I think we might have visited the grounds one time on our trip that was March, though so not nearly so pretty...I can see why you enjoy it...a wonderful, peaceful place that *someone else* weeds:) ...the gown is beautiful...and those shoes...I love the shoes!

  7. It is a peaceful place. Just lovely!


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