Monday, June 4, 2012

A Gathering Of Sisters

Last Saturday morning I drove to a state park near my home to join a group of Sisters at a Sisters On The Fly campout.  I was supposed to be camping with them for the whole weekend but I had to cancel my reservation because of my dear, little mother’s health situation.  It just seemed I shouldn’t be gone for the whole weekend – even though the campout was just twelve miles from my home.  I was invited to join the Sisters for breakfast on Saturday morning and spend whatever time I could with them.  It was sheer delight!  More than my heart dreamed possible.  I was treated like a sister – a much loved sister – even though they had never met me before.  The moment I drove up to the campsite where they were all gathered and, when I announced who I was, I was greeted with hugs and open arms and hearts full of sisterly welcome. Breakfast was wonderful and our time together went by too fast.  Several Sisters gave me tours of their little vintage trailers and I came home inspired – and excited – to finally get going on my little trailer.  Here’s just a bit of what I saw on my tours.

This little trailer belongs to the hostess of the campout.  It’s a cute little trailer.P6024090The door is on the side of most of the trailers – this one has a door at the back.  This is what you see when you open the door.P6024091 It’s tiny but the décor inside is just right.P6024092P6024093P6024095Inside another Sister’s trailer.  She has the sweet, little yellow and white stove I saw in pictures when I first started looking at photos of vintage trailers.  I really wanted this stove in my trailer but I’m happy with mine.  Her trailer is a cutie!  The sign on her stove hood says, ‘It’s 5:00 somewhere’!P6024098P6024099The Sister who owns this cute trailer was heading to town as I started my tour so I didn’t get to go inside.  As she was leaving she told me to be sure and peek in the windows.  Oh, my!  Crystal and pretties of all kinds!  I tried to take a photo or two through the window but it didn’t work.  Next time I’ll be sure and visit her first!P6024100You don’t have to have a vintage trailer to be a Sister.  This belonged to one of the gals at the campout.  So cute.  It made me smile when I saw it!P6024101This little vintage trailer had been completely restored.  I learned a lot about restoration from this Sister.  She had it decorated so cute!  I loved hearing all about the details and seeing how things work.

Another view inside. I even got to meet her grandkids who had just arrived for a visit from out of state.  That's the original furnace on the wall - it works!P6024104The Sister who gave me the tour of this trailer has only owned it for a month.  She told me about the work that needs to be done inside and the plans she has to make it hers.  Would you believe this bench was recovered with duct tape?  She plans to reupholster the seats.
This is one of the first Sister trailers I saw when I drove into the campground.  I knew who it belonged to because I had seen it online and I was excited to see it up close.  Believe me, I wasn’t disappointed!P6024107
P6024108P6024111All of us had nametags.  Here’s mine.  I’ll let you in on a little secret – this cute little ‘clipboard’ was made from a Formica sample, written on with a silver pen and attached with a binder clip you can find in a stationery store!  So cute – and it really helped me start to remember everyone’s names.  I have mine hanging on the lampshade on my desk so I can see it often and remember the fun I had with my Sisters this weekend.P6044116Our hostess had a gift for each of us.  She gave us a towel with our name and Sister number embroidered on it, and a razor (the razor was her grandson’s idea – he thought we might need to shave our legs!).
I am so glad I had a chance to spend time with my new Sisters.  I would have loved to camp through the weekend with them but that couldn’t be.  My time with them was just a taste of what is to come – more fun, more time to build friendships that last, more time to learn and expand our horizons together as we venture out along roads that lead to who-knows-where!  I came home so excited to be a Sister – and with my head full of new ideas and inspiration and encouragement to start the process to get Daffodil ready to roll.  It will begin soon and you will be invited to come along for journey!

With a very grateful heart,
Sister #1819
(That’s the way we Sisters sign everything!)P6044123


  1. Thanks for sharing. All so cute and darling!

  2. Those trailers are darling! Oh what fun! I hope you'll be able to camp out with them soon!

  3. I love all your pictures! Donna from Cottage Days tweeted me a link saying I would like your post and she was right!

    I got a Travelmaster trailer 2 weeks ago and am starting a total restoration on it. Maybe one day I can meet up with the sisters on the fly group!

  4. I would love to be a sister....My dream is to have a vintage camper...I already have a vintage MH!!

  5. How lovely, Miss 1819! Oh how I would love this, but I think it must just remain a dream for now.

  6. Love the pictures! WOW! I would have never thought about dolling up a camper! Love it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Oh these campers are so cute Adrienne and I know Daffodil will be just as darling someday too! So glad you were able to go for a little bit to meet this fun group of women!

  8. Sounds so fun! Loved this glimpse at all of the different trailers. I can't wait to see what you do with Daffodil. I'm also excited to see what you do with the treasures we found on our thrifting day.

  9. What fun!! I love the little tear drop trailer. I have always wanted one.

  10. Sigh. I wish I were closet to you and had one of those vintage trailers. What fun we'd have. :) blessings, marlene

  11. So glad you got to have some fun and see these darling little trailers! How cute. Wish I had the space at my house to have one. Envy is starting! Now I'll have to ask for forgiveness.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  12. These are so divine! How are you doing on your own little trailer rehab?

  13. I like camp martini, it looks very cosy.


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