Thursday, June 27, 2013

Northwest Gathering 2013

NWG 2013Northwest Gathering 2013 was held at Andersen’s RV Park in Long Beach, Washington.  I think most of us are still basking in the memories – treasuring the moments we spent together.  The photo above was taken by a man on Andersen’s staff.  He has a photography business on the side.  One afternoon he climbed up on the roof of the office to capture the moment for us.  You can see that we were tightly packed into the RV park.  We had the entire park for all four days of our gathering.  The photo shows our proximity to the beach and the Pacific Ocean just a ways beyond.  A short trail took us to the beach anytime our hearts desired.  Early the first evening I decided to take my camera and slip away to the beach by myself.  At first I wondered about the wisdom of going alone but the sea was calling and I didn't want to miss what was happening.  The sun was about set.NWG 1st Sunset As I got to the point where the path ended and the beach began, I looked ahead and I realized I was not alone.  There, straight ahead of me – on the beach – was a row of Sisters lined up in their chairs to watch the sunset!Sisters On The BeachI had to laugh at the thought that I would be the only one to follow the sun!  More Sisters arrived and soon we were just a group of gals who had one thing in common.  We had come to watch the sunset on the beach.  It didn't take long.  We saw what we had come to see.  The sky changed before our eyes and we weren’t disappointed.NWG 1st Sunset 2After awhile it was time for me to head back to camp.  I turned to go and as I walked through the sand, I looked up and saw the moon.  1st Night MoonThere’s nothing quite like walking a sandy path from the beach under the full moon.  The sound of the waves, the colors of the sky and the sand beneath my feet made me smile.  I felt such peace.  It was a good start to a few days away.  My trailer was not far from the end of the path.  When I got back it was time to turn on lights and get ready for nightfall.  Before I headed over to sit by my neighbor’s campfire I turned on the little lights my sweetheart had helped me hang on the rock guard awning over my front window.  Once they were lit I stood back and smiled.  Trailer LightsI was finally settled in.  This was the what I had waited for.  I had no idea everything the days ahead would bring but I knew it was going to be good.  This was only the beginning.

I know you want to see the trailers.  There is a lot to see and I will share them with you.  We’ll take a walk through the RV park and enjoy it all.  Get ready – put on your walking shoes.  We’ll start soon.


  1. As always, your photos are lovely! I've got my walking shoes on, and I'm ready to go! ;)

  2. Hi, I've found your blog again after losing it for quite some time. I'm the one that you so graciously have allowed us to use your photo on our church's women's ministry page in NC. I'm so excited to read your posts about the vintage trailers, camping and Daffodil's makeover! I love the idea of the Gatherings and will enjoy following along through your perspective and photos.
    Lisa in NC

  3. Watching the sun set on the beach must have been a magical moment!

    Lovely photos!

  4. Oh your pictures are so beautiful. I can smell the water just looking at them. Made me smile to read of your special time.

  5. Such a glorious sunset! Great photos! And such a treasure for you to feel such overwhelming peace from your jaunt to the beach. And the little trailer lights made me laugh out loud!


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