Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Beach Is Calling

 Oregon Coast My sweetheart and I are headed to the beach!  We’re off for a day trip that was a pleasant surprise.  Some of my Sisters On The Fly Sisters are having a gathering on the Oregon Coast this weekend.  I wasn’t able to be there with them and I didn’t know when I would have a chance to see them again before the end of summer.  One of the Sisters owns a beachfront home near the State Park where the gals are camping.  She invited everyone to her home for lunch today and a couple of weeks ago she sent me an email.  She asked if there was any way I could drive over and join them for lunch.  It only about ninety miles from my home so my sweetheart (and Joey) are going with me.  While I’m having lunch with my Sisters, they will do whatever they decide to do.  I suspect there may be some beach-walking in their minds.  After lunch we gals will take a garden tour together.  Later I my sweetheart will pick me up and I will say goodbye to the girls and head home.  What a sweet treat – an unexpected surprise.  I’ll tell you all about it after I return.

While I’m away you might want to check in and see the latest adventure in Daffodil’s journey.  My little vintage trailer is making progress.  You can see more here.


  1. Have a wonderful day Adrienne! Blessings, Marlene

  2. What a sweet photo! Love the colors in it! I hope you have a lovely time with the Sisters.

  3. What a great beach-ocean photo. Some interesting patterns and shadows.

    And how lovely that you had this opportunity to meet with your friends.

    Wishing you more of those glimpses of heaven....

  4. Hope it was a delightful day! Love the beach in every way.

  5. Daffodil is looking good! Did you take pictures of your lunch with friends, sounds like a lovely time!

    P.S. - thank you for the sweet comments on my blog. I went back and added pictures of the shoes I bought on the shopping spree we had, if you would like to come back and see them! (smile)

  6. Hope you are having fun....:)
    Your camper is coming along quite's such a darling little thing. :)


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