Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vintage Trailer Tour – Part Two

If you joined me for the first part of the vintage trailer tour, we’re ready to go again.  It was nice sitting for awhile to rest our feet and have a good chat – so let’s go.  There’s more to see!  Here’s a cutie.  She’s still in process but she’s almost finished.  I love her aprons on display.
Breezin AlongI think she’s just darling – with her scallops and quilt block painted on the side.
Breezin Along - SideAnd her bright colors inside are so cheery.
Breezin Along - InsideLook at the darling mirror on the closet door.
Breezin Along - KitchenI saw this one when she arrived.  I was so intrigued I could hardly wait to see more.  She’s a new trailer that has had some incredible artwork added. 
Seuss 1We have to walk around – up close – and read the Dr. Seuss sayings that have been added on every side.  I love her ‘childhood’ theme.  It’s so sweet.  Beside the door. . .
Seuss 2 On the back. . .
Seuss 3And on the side.
Seuss 4Here’s little Fifi – all pink and silver and black.
FifiThere’s no doubt about this gal’s plan – she’s going to keep moving.  She even brought her mailbox!
Keep Moving Before we take another break – because there’s more – I want you to see a ‘new vintage’ trailer.  My sweetheart and I recently saw this trailer at an RV show and I was intrigued.  It has all the comforts and bells and whistles of a new, up-to-date trailer, with the look and feel of a vintage trailer.  New Vintage 1 I talked to the gal who owns this trailer.  She wanted a trailer that didn’t need any work done – a trailer she could depend on.  She’s begun to make it her own and it's cute! 
New Vintage 2New Vintage 3There are a few more trailers I’d like to show you but I think we should enjoy a spot where we can take off our shoes, put our feet in the water and watch the world go by.  I think this will work.  What do you think?
Sit A SpellI’ve saved my three favorites for the end of the tour.  We’ll see them soon.  I’m sure you’re going to like them.  It will be worth the time to see them.  


  1. These make me want to find a trailer myself, even if I just set it up in the back yard:>)

  2. What a fun new hobby...I never imagined that so many women were doing this ~ amazing and so creative.

  3. Each one is so cute....I could look at them all day!

  4. Yes, I will sit and cool my feet in the water while I wait to see more of these fun trailers!

  5. All these little trailers look amazing!i have to admit that I would probably go with a new one w/the modern conveniences and customize it to have that vintage look. I can't imagine the time, effort, and $$ that go into these little beauties.

  6. i LOVE the iceland poppy trailer!!!

  7. Love them all. It seems that I was told my car wouldn't pull a little cutie, but seeing the cars and small trailers I do believe they were wrong. Dreaming still!

  8. Such grand fun! And the Dr. Suess sayings are timeless words of wisdom.


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