Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Friday Tablescape

BJs Table Some of my blog friends feature wonderful tablescapes on their blogs.  Their tables are beautiful and the food often becomes an artistic part of their settings.  Yesterday, while visiting my dear blog friend, BJ, at Sweet Nothings – and enjoying her tablescape (above) -  I wondered if  you might like to see my lovely dining room table as it is ‘set’ right now.
Tablescape 1 Notice the lovely – rather large – centerpiece.  That’s the end closet wall for my little vintage trailer.  Daffodil is ‘under construction’ and her parts and pieces have been showing up on my dining room table for priming and painting.  Next to the ‘centerpiece’ you will notice the accessories.
Tablescape 2 There’s more.  Lovely table linens and pretty silverware are missing from my table but you will find drop cloths and paint rags, stir sticks and a brush waiting for someone to return to add more paint.
Tablescape 3This is only one of the ‘tablescapes’ in my dining room over the past couple of weeks.  The big closet wall graced my table for a couple of days.  Before that, the upper kitchen cabinets, followed by the lower cabinet made their way into this space.  It was too cold and rainy outside for this project so we brought them inside where it's warm and comfortable.  It makes quite a nice workspace!

Please come back again soon.  Daffodil is changing every day.  She is about to burst into full bloom.  I’ll show you what’s happening early next week.  I think you’ll like what you see!

(Sweet Nothings photo used by permission)


  1. I think many of us have tablescapes just like yours from time to time, Adrienne ; ). It sounds like Daffodil is going to be very happy with her new look - can't wait to see it!

  2. awwww, what a cute post....I love it.
    Thanks so much for sharing a photo of my table..and don't you know I can hardly wait to see your cutie pie trailer all in bloom.

  3. I'm so excited to see what you have done to Daffodil! I've done many projects on my own dining room table. It's a good height for working on projects :)

  4. you are a HOOT! haha..
    i love your tablescape for it's a clue as to what's in process for daffodil. :)

    you should do a weekly REAL TABLESCAPE series for us to chime in and show on our own blogs, referring back to yours. really. no, really! right now on mine is a vase of aromatic stock flowers (one of my a peachy pink tone), and my sewing machine and all sorts of sewing junque. and books and papers (that will surely get lost if i don't deal with them soon!). do it adrienne!!

  5. Such a cute post! I am looking forward to seeing what has been going on with daffodil!

  6. Ha ha! You so funny! I meant to say it like that! I think we've all had similar tablescapes at one point. Just don't get paint on your lovely table! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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