Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Missing: one blog.
Goes by the name 'With A Grateful Heart'!
Owner values the years of life shared and the friends found through said blog.
If found, please return to ME!

My blog went missing in action (again - third time) for the last couple of weeks. The last two times required hard work to find sufficient support staff to resolve the problem. We have a lot going on in life right now and as time went by I felt sad. I didn't realize how much my blog meant to me. I felt I had lost a good friend! Over several days and after finally connecting with Help support staff and many unsuccessful attempt to access my account - and a very patient and determined support staff gal named Stela - access was regained.  My blog is back!

I've not been blogging much lately. Life has been coming fast and furious. Inspite of that, I wanted to 'come back' - wanted to share photos and stories again. Every time I saw something interesting or took another photo I thought how much I'd like to share it here with you. I did a lot of thinking and I had a plan incase this blog was never to be again. Thoughts of changes and ideas for the future abound. There's comfort just knowing that's possible again.

So, With A Grateful Heart is here again. I'm glad. When I saw it open again this morning I just smiled. Sat and smiled as if an old friend has just walked in the room - because it's true. I'll never take this part of my life for granted again. Honestly, I won't!


  1. Oh dear...this must have been so distressing. I am so happy to hear you are back again.

  2. Blogger assures us that our blogs will always be here but....I have my doubts.
    Anything can happen....
    sure glad you got yours back...
    i've wondered if you ever got your camper fixed up...

  3. Glad it's back! Is there a way to back it up so it wont be lost again?


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