Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Magical Place

A year ago my sweetheart and I spent a few days with my cousin and her hubby who live on the South Oregon Coast. They had discovered a few Christmas activities they wanted to share with us. They had never been to this train show and didn't know what to expect - but I knew all about train shows!  When our son was young he had a pretty incredible model train collection. Because of his love for trains we had attended a model train show or two in the past.  Model trains come in all sizes from very small to large pieces and all the accessories that add to the fun. I had this one figured out. Or, at least I thought I did!

We arrived at the building where the train show was held. It was an old school gym and we all wondered what could possibly wait behind the doors of that old building.  But, oh, my! When we opened those doors and stepped inside we were transported to a magical world.

This wasn't just trains - it was villages and communities and action and twinkle lights. My photos can't possibly do it justice.
There was a huge 'table' in the middle of the big room. We could walk around and look at each piece, watch the trains go round and round, in and out of tunnels, over bridges and turn corners.
Village displays filled multi-layer shelves all around the outside walls.  It was hard to know where to look next.
There were lighthouses. . .
And mansions and people and animals. . .
And places real and imagined.
There were Santas coming and going.
Lights had been strung on houses that were decorated for Christmas. Snow and snowmen and children playing everywhere. . .
And ballet dancers twirling and dancing at The Nutcracker Theater.
This was the collection of one man and his wife!  He has collected the trains and she has collected the villages and all the pieces that make it come together. Many of the pieces were found at thrift stores and garage sales and some were gifts to her. They present this to their community every holiday season for a small admission fee.  It's a fundraiser for a local community organization they support. It's their way to give back to their community.

It was a special evening.  Time spent together with our dear ones in a place that made us forget the outside world for a time.  Time in a magical place. From the heart of two people who are willing to work long and hard to share what they love to help others.


  1. Oh I love all these pictures! I am drooling over all the villages. WOW! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Amazing! I can't even imagine how much work it took to put all of that together. It's really beautiful. I will say, I'm glad I'm not the one who would have to put it all away ;)

  3. Hi Adrienne! Oh, what a wonderful display! You can just get lost looking at this. I wish you a blessed Christmas, my sweet friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. This is wonderful, Adrienne. I've been to train shows, but nothing like this one. The story behind it reminds me of an elderly neighbor in the California town my late husband and I lived in when our son was about 5 or 6. Every Christmas his front lawn was turned into a Santaland and it was amazing. Twirling lollipops, rope lights, elves dancing, Santa in a sleigh waving, and so much more. People drove from all over the county to see it. The kids could hardly contain themselves. It was really something. Thanks for sharing your adventure. I love it! xo

  5. How wonderful! I would love being lost in this village of delight.

  6. This is a warm and heartfelt post and I so wish I could have been there, too. Just beautiful...and your photos are so good. How wonderful of the couple to do this ea year...it's a win/win situation...the public loves it..and the couple love doing it. Thanks so much for sharing this with us,dear one.


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