Monday, December 5, 2016

Not What I Had Planned

My dear little mother used to remind me often of the old Scottish quote: 'The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.' So true! There's no Christmas decor to share yet. The tree is up, the wreath is hung beside the front door, the outside lights shine in the night - but the rest will have to wait for a few days.

I'm having oral surgery today and I'll be sidelined for a few days. My surgeon told me I won't feel anything during 'the procedure' but the level of discomfort will be pretty high for a few days afterwards! That's not something I really wanted to hear but I'm determined to survive. I'll have 'drugs' to help me make it through the first few days.  He recommended that I 'take it easy' for a few days. Of course I would love to have a week off but this isn't what I had in mind. And not at this busy time of the year. Our home and pantry are prepared for the days ahead. My sweetheart will take good care of me and I'll be able to resume my regular activities soon.  Until then, I would appreciate your prayers for the days ahead.
I first visited the oral surgeon on a gorgeous Fall day. His office is located on the banks of the beautiful Willamette River not far from downtown Portland, Oregon.  The exam rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows with breathtaking views. When I laid back in the chair I could see the tops of the huge trees along the river bank.
I loved the fantastic view of the river when I was sitting in the chair.
The view has changed with the season but it's still pretty amazing. I won't see the views at all today. Not when I'm sitting up and not when I'm lying down.  I'll be quite sleepy when I arrive and even more when it's time to head home. I'll have to wait to enjoy the view again when I return for my followup appointment - but not today!

I didn't share the results of our oldest grandson's state championship football game. More on that another day. A few more posts are ready to go while I'm recovering. In no time at all I'll be back and ready to show you what Christmas looks like at our home.


  1. praying you through this day .. and the coming days.
    i love you friend. ♥

  2. Oh dear! I'll be praying for a good recovery and no pain! DO relax while you are recovering. It would be a good time to watch some Christmas movies, look at the tree and maybe do some special devotionals for the season! Sending hugs!


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