Thursday, February 28, 2013

By The Beautiful Sea

I wish you were sitting beside me so you could see what I see!  I am in a gorgeous condo watching the waves of the Pacific Ocean crash on huge rocks below.  The Oregon Coast is so diverse – and gorgeous.  Just a few miles either direction from here are wide, sandy beaches and waves that are more gentle as they come ashore.  Here, not so much!  Especially today.  There is a storm brewing outside and I’m loving it!  I just wish I could stay!P2286249Three days ago we brought my dear, little mother to the Oregon Coast.  This trip was a gift from her family for her ninetieth birthday.  She was so overwhelmed when we told her of this gift that she was nearly speechless.  She was born and raised on the coast of California.  I think the sea is in her blood!  Two months ago she told me she didn’t think she would ever get to see the ocean again – she just couldn’t make the hour and a half trip over and back in one day – the way my sweetheart and I often do.  Our family wanted to give her a gift – something special – that would have meaning to her.  As we talked, I suggested this trip.  What a perfect choice we made.  I wish you could have seen her face when she first saw the ocean the day we arrived.  And the condo we rented is gorgeous.  Just above the waves.  This is the view we enjoyed the first two days after we arrived.P2256004We were blessed with a beautiful sunset the first evening we were here – we’ve had a bit of everything.  And we’ve loved every change that’s come.  We’ve had a front row seat!P2256048The weather began to change yesterday – and we loved it!
No matter the weather, we’ve enjoyed every minute here together.  We’ve been so thankful that we brought my dear mother to this special place.  No regrets about our decision.  Ever!  This trip will stay in our hearts forever.

Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm Back - Almost!

Hi, dear friends -

I'm almost back in business.  There was good news - and bad news - about my computer today.  The good news?  The hard drive was in great shape and all of my data could be retrieved.  The bad news - there had been a failure of the motherboard.  Now, if you don't know about motherboards, they are to computers what our hearts are to our bodies.  They run everything!  Without one, your computer is dead-in-the-water!

So, we headed to the computer store.  First, we stopped by the service desk to ask a question.  What would it cost to replace the motherboard.  Well, two questions, really.  Would it make sense to do that?  First answer - w-a-y too much money for the part, plus labor, equals more than it makes sense to pay for repairs.  Almost the price of a new computer with new technology.  That answered the second question.

Tonight I am typing on our new computer.  We're up and running.  Almost.  There are things to adjust and learn and log-ins to do.  The wonder is that there are familiar places appearing in front of my eyes.  Things that bring comfort - like your blogs.  The unsettling part is that I've lost all of my email addresses.  Yes, I know, there are places I should have backed them up.  But.I.didn't!  I'll rebuild my contact list as you leave comments or email me - and, believe me, I'm a firm believer in backing up systems and contact lists and things that are important.  Especially when they disappear.

I'll be back again soon.  I have things to tell you and photos to share.  Once I figure out all the bells and whistles of this thing I'll be here often.  In the meantime I have my blog reader up and I'm trying desperately hard to catch up.  It will happen and soon it will all be a distant memory.

(I notice Blogger is playing with font sizes again.  I don't know how it will all turn out when I press 'Publish' - maybe I'll be able to read it without my glasses!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


There's trouble in these parts!  My computer has decided she doesn't want to start.  Yes, I've turned her off and tried to reboot several times but nothing seems to help.  She's on her way to the emergency room today.  I'm reading your blogs on my phone and on my little netbook - which is extremely s.l.o.w.  At times my phone doesn't seem to want me to comment.  I'll be by to visit as I can - and I hope to be up and running again as soon as possible. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Paintbrush, A Peek And A Party

I've been missing in action from my blog over the past several days - for good reason.  My sweetheart and I have been working hard.  Day and night.  Working on long over-due projects that need to be finished.  This is the first time we have been able to work on them since he retired.  Over the past few years life came at us and often took us away from the plans we had for our little home.  And my sweetheart's employment became more intense, requiring longer and longer hours.  Most of the time there was nothing left to give at the end of the day.  Now we are making progress again.  Slow, but progress.  We work well when there's a deadline.  A goal!  And we have one.  More about that later.  Here's what we have been doing.  Our home was built in the nineteen sixties.  All of the trim and cabinets were birch with a honey stain.  Over the years we began to change the look of each room as we could.  Paint was the way to go without the expense and tedious work of adding all new trim.  A few doorways and windows had not yet been finished.  What used to look like this. . .
Now looks like this!
I've been busy doing all kinds of things, including the transformation of a cute, little piece of furniture I found awhile back.  It has been in a spot in my living room - untouched - and, may I say, a bit ugly not looking too good!  For much too long.  It's not completely finished but it is much more presentable.  Here's just a peek.  Soon I'll share more - from start to the almost finished!  Then, when the final touches have been added you will get to see it again.
And the best news is - the reason for all of this flurry of activity!  My dear, little mother will celebrate her nintieth birthday in a few days!  Tomorrow we are having a small open house here at our home to honor her and share part of the celebration with very special people in her life.  I'll share more about the 'party' after it happens, complete with some photos.  There is more planned over the next days - and weeks - but it all begins tomorrow.  I must get back to work.  I have things to do.  I'll return soon with much more to share.