Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Truth Be Told!

Sometimes the truth hurts – sometimes, it's just downright funny!  Such is the case with a gift I bestowed on my sweetheart on Christmas Day.  When I saw it, I just couldn’t help myself!  No apologies, no explanations, just fun.  It brought lots of laughs to everyone present.  Especially my sweetheart.  Perhaps it was a gentle hint that he needs to clean the garage so he can proudly show it off to his friends.  Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part that we would actually clean and organize our garage soon (I’m as guilty as he!). And maybe – just maybe – we could finally some day  And laugh at this silly sign every time we come home!PC282283

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Grandma With The Dog

Our little Mr. H. is totally thrilled with my little Joey dog.  Mr. H. loves to snuggle and play with him and, at times, he helps me do a little dog training.  On a recent visit with us, Mr. H. was a bit frustrated when Joey didn’t do what he told him to do. He looked at Joey and with a bit of authority in his voice, he asked: ‘Joey, are you listening to me?’ PC172231When he returned home from his visit with us he told his daddy (our son) that he likes to visit ‘the grandma with the dog’!PC172232At our family Christmas gathering a week ago, Mr. H. again spent a lot of time snuggled close to Joey.
When he and his family got ready to head home, Mr. H. gave hugs and told us all goodbye and, with a sad, little voice, he said: ‘I sure wish Joey could be my dog’!  The promise of an overnight visit sometime soon – and a plan for Joey to sleep in the ‘big’ bed with him  – brought a smile to his face and a sparkle to his little eyes.  And much talk about plans for another visit sometime soon.  A visit to see ‘the grandma with the dog’.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

It’s Christmas Night

Christmas FireplaceWhen I read this devotion by Max Lucado I knew I wanted to save it to read again each Christmas night.  I share it with you, my friends.  I hope it touches your heart as it does mine.

IT’S CHRISTMAS NIGHT. THE HOUSE IS QUIET. Even the crackle is gone from the fireplace. The last of the carolers appeared on the ten o’clock news. The last of the apple pie was eaten by my brother-in-law. And the last of the Christmas albums have been stored away having dutifully performed their annual rendition of chestnuts, white Christmases, and red-nosed reindeers.

It’s Christmas night.

The midnight hour has chimed and I should be asleep, but I’m awake. I’m kept awake by one stunning thought. The world was different this week. It was temporarily transformed.

The magical dust of Christmas glittered on the cheeks of humanity ever so briefly, reminding us of what is worth having and what we were intended to be. We forgot our compulsion with winning, wooing, and warring. We put away our ladders and ledgers, we hung up our stopwatches and weapons. We stepped off our race tracks and roller coasters and looked outward toward the star of Bethlehem.

It’s the season to be jolly because, more than at any other time, we think of him. More than in any other season, his name is on our lips.

And the result?

For a few precious hours, he is beheld. Christ the Lord. Those who pass the year without seeing him, suddenly see him. People who have been accustomed to using his name in vain, pause to use it in praise. Eyes, now free of the blinders of self, marvel at his majesty.

All of a sudden he’s everywhere.

In the grin of the policeman as he drives the paddy wagon full of presents to the orphanage.

In the twinkle in the eyes of the Taiwanese waiter as he tells of his upcoming Christmas trip to see his children.

In the emotion of the father who is too thankful to finish the dinner table prayer.

He’s in the tears of the mother as she welcomes home her son from overseas.
He’s in the heart of the man who spent Christmas morning on skid row giving away cold baloney sandwiches and warm wishes.

And he’s in the solemn silence of the crowd of shopping mall shoppers as the elementary school chorus sings “Away in a Manger.”

Emmanuel. He is with us. God came near.

It’s Christmas night. In a few hours the cleanup will begin—lights will come down, trees will be thrown out. Size 36 will be exchanged for size 40, eggnog will be on sale for half price. Soon life will be normal again. December’s generosity will become January’s payments and the magic will begin to fade.

But for the moment, the magic is still in the air. Maybe that’s why I’m still awake. I want to savor the spirit just a bit more. I want to pray that those who beheld him today will look for him next August. And I can’t help but linger on one fanciful thought: If he can do so much with such timid prayers lamely offered in December, how much more could he do if we thought of him every day?

It’s Christmas Night’ by Max Lucado
From ‘God Came Near’

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Wishes. . .

from our home to yours.
Merry Christmas, dear friends.

Monday, December 5, 2011


PC021891A couple of days ago we set up the Christmas tree.  Miss Savannah was sleeping peacefully on our bed while the action took place in the living room.  A little while later I found her under the tree.  The look on her little face made me think she was smiling!  I think she approved.  She sat there for a long time, carefully looking. Just enjoying the tree!  The tree was'nt decorated but she didn’t seem to mind – she just sat and took it all in!  Wonder what went through her mind!

(The white specks on the carpet are snow from the tree.  One of the 'joys' of a snowy tree!)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Light Has Come

The people who sat in darkness
have seen a great light.
And for those who lived in the land
where death casts its shadow, a light has shined.
Matthew 4:16

Friday, December 2, 2011

Would You Believe. . .

I can’t show you my Friday Finds today?  I had it all planned.  I was ready to take advantage of the sunshine so I could take a good photo.  The sun is streaming in my kitchen window.  Just where it needs to shine for the photo I had planned.  Everything was in place – my ‘find’ was staged and ready to pose for her photo, and then. . .oh, no!  The battery in my camera was dead!  My camera told me.  She said, ‘Battery dead’.  Plain and simple.  Just like that.  I wasn’t surprised but I could deal with it – I had another battery in my camera bag.  No problem!  At least I thought so!

Retrieving the second battery from my camera bag – and grabbing my battery charger for the dearly used battery – I was confident.  Within minutes I would have the photos I wanted to share with you today.  But, it was not meant to be.  You see, the ‘new’ battery was so dead it didn’t even have enough power for my camera tell me this one needed to be charged, too.  Then I remembered that I had quickly switched batteries a few weeks ago while taking photos of a gorgeous sunset at the Oregon Coast.  When I returned to the car I didn’t do what I normally do with batteries that need to be charged – and then. . .I forgot!

So, today, would you just take my word for it that I have a wonderful, new Christmas find that is embellishing my kitchen?  I’ll show you a little peak at something that will give you a hint but I will save the story to tell you another day.  After that silly battery has been fully charged and the other battery is securely locked in place in the charger I’ll share a photo and tell you all about it!

I have a new-to-me teakettle.  She looks something like this.  Similar – but different.  She’s the same color – and shape - and she is decorated with holly.  Christmas TeakettleWhile my battery charges, I think I’ll heat some water and have a relaxing cup of tea!