Monday, September 30, 2013

High On The Mountain

Last month we were blessed to have a visit from a dear, out-of-state cousin.  He stayed for several days and we packed every moment full – but we didn’t have time to do all the things we wanted to do.  One of the things on his list – and a favorite of mine – was a trip up Mount Hood to see historic Timberline Lodge. 
Timberline LodgeI’ve shared the lodge many times here at different times of the year.  No matter how often I visit the lodge it seems I always find something I haven’t seen before.  That was the case this time.  There were things that had been there before.  Right in front of my nose!  Like this artwork on the main door.TImberline DoorI had probably seen this beautiful ironwork handle on the door to the upper terrace before but I had never stopped to pay attention to the details.Timberline Door HandleAnd I was intrigued with the huge iron hinges on the same door.Timberline HIngeThe view from the terrace beyond this door is amazing.  On a clear day you can see forever – you can see the Cascade Mountains south of Mount Hood and some of the mountain lakes nearby.Timberline Terrace ViewOn the rock wall of the terrace in front of this spot is a plaque that has been there for many years.  President Franklin Roosevelt stood here to give the dedication speech for the opening of the lodge in nineteen thirty seven.Timberline Dedication PlaqueThe chair President Roosevelt sat in that day is on display inside.Timberline ChairThe chair is in a room that reflects the decor of the original rooms that were rented by guests many years ago.  The rooms today have been modernized quite a bit but they still have the rustic decor of the old lodge.Timberline RoomIn a little hallway we found a bench that must have been there every time I’ve walked down that hall.  It’s made from an old wooden hand truck that was used during construction of the lodge.Timberline BenchI was amazed to find a gift shop that I didn’t know was in the lodge.  There is one in the ski lodge just below the main lodge but I didn’t have any idea there was another gift shop in the lodge.  The light fixtures caught my attention – they look like an oxen yoke.Timberline LightsThe view from the third floor is incredible.  I think it’s my favorite spot in the lodge.  The mountain is the focal point – what more could you ask?Timberline WindowWe went outside and walked on the terrace at the back of the lodge.  A tour group was gathered there so we stood at the back of the group and listened to the tour guide as she shared interesting information about the lodge and the mountain.  Timberline TourI couldn’t stand still very long – I just had to explore the trail that leads up the mountain.  Of course I didn’t go far, but I enjoyed a bit of ‘adventure’ while my family continued to listen to the tour guide. I discovered this sign just a few steps above the terrace – and I realized I was standing on the Pacific Crest Trail that goes through the Cascade Mountains from Mexico to Canada.  Timberline TrailA few feet higher up the trail. . .a view of the mountain I had never seen before.  This was new territory for me! Oh, how I would have loved to hike up that trail.  Someday, perhaps.Timberline Trail Up the Mountain The view behind me. . .Timberline Windows Our day on the mountain was wonderful.  I’ll go again.  The mountain calls me.  The seasons bring great change to this special place and I will return whenever I have a chance to go up the mountain.Timberline Wildflowers

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beside Still Waters

Still Waters God, my shepherd!
I don’t need a thing.
You have bedded me down in lush meadows,
You find me quiet pools to drink from.
True to Your word,
You let me catch my breath
and send me in the right direction.

Psalm 23:1-3
(The Message)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Musings On A Stormy Day

Stormy DayIt’s a stormy day in our part of the Pacific Northwest.  Rain is beginning to pelt down (again!) and the winds are fierce in places.  At my home it is windy with occasional very strong gusts - gusts that make me want to run and capture whatever may suddenly decide to take off flying.  It appears everything here is secure and I pray that those around our region will be safe from the storm.  I’m prepared – my candles and oil lamps (and flashlights and battery-operated reading lights) are close at hand.  There is plenty of firewood waiting to make a cozy fire in the fireplace later this evening.

Some have asked if I’ve posted more since my blog was returned to me.  Or, are there still problems?  And word of a new blog-in-process has leaked out.  I can answer each of these questions for you!

No, I have not posted anything since I shared that my blog access had been restored.  There have been no more problems with my blog - life has taken me in many directions and I’ve not had time to settle in and post a thing over the past days.  The summer has been extremely busy.  I’ll share in more detail soon. 

We celebrated our youngest granddaughter’s first birthday. . .
Brynlee's First BirthdayThere was a wonderful visit from a dear, out-of-state cousin and outings to favorite places, including a trip to my favorite mountain. . .Mount HoodA campout with girlfriends in a beautiful place one recent weekend. . .Coburg Campout - TrailerA day trip with dear, long-time friends. . .DaytripAnd a visit to a wonderful camp where disabled kids can just be kids and their families can have a bit of time away for relaxation.Camp Attitude Sign See the Smiley Face in the wheelchair? Everything at this camp is structured to put smiles on the faces and laughter in the hearts of the kids and their families.


Yes, there is a new blog in my future.  It is currently in the design stage and will be revealed sometime in the near future.

Over the next days I plan to share more about each of the things I’ve mentioned here.  There is so much I’d like you to know about where I’ve been and what I’ve done – it’s just too good to keep to myself!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


SunsetAfter almost two weeks of almost ‘tearing my hair out’, spending countless hours attempting to contact a real person at Google and writing more emails to the Help staff and Help Forum – with either no response or a programmed response that took me in circles – my blog is up and running again.  I was surprised one morning to read an email from a family member advising that my blog had disappeared.  Again!  This happened last year about this time.  My custom domain expired even though I had found someone to help me last year, and I was assured that the problem had been fixed and reset to auto-renew.  This time I was able to make a payment and was assured that my blog (that was locked) would be reinstated within twenty-four hours.  But it didn’t happen!  I watched and waited – and checked my bank account to find that my payment had cleared my bank.  Still, no blog.  I paid for services that I did not receive.  I left messages on countless help screens, begging and pleading for help and for a real person to contact me.  Two nice people at the company that manages Google/Blogger custom domains, helped put me in touch with some helpful information.  Something on my blog indicated that I had cancelled my blog and indicated that I did not care to renew my domain.  Finally – early this morning, my phone rang and a nice lady told me she had been assigned to work on my situation.  She stayed on the phone with me and carefully, patiently walked me through a process I supposedly should know – with passwords assigned over three years ago, which I didn’t know.  When she reached a dead end she asked if she could call me back.  And she did!  She had spoken with someone who could unravel the complicated ‘unusual’ situation.  Then she carefully guided me through the process until she could ‘see’ my blog again.  I don’t know what she did but suddenly – my blog was back.  I felt that an old, long-lost friend had returned.  I sat here and smiled and thanked her endlessly.  And then – I wished her goodnight!  You see, this sweet lady was in Eastern Europe.  Part of the Google ‘Enterprise’ billing staff.  She – who had originally told me she was about to go home for the night – stayed over a bit to return the call she promised to make with the information needed to solve the problem.  She stayed with me until the problem was resolved.  And then she wished me a good day.  Two ladies on opposite sides of the world – in flip-flopped time zones – spoke kindness and appreciation and words of friendship for a few moments.  And my faith in humanity (and Google) was restored a bit.  One early morning in Oregon.  One late evening on the other side of the world.