Friday, July 7, 2017

Missing But Not Lost

I've been missing from my blog lately, but I wasn't lost! A lot is going on in my life and, at times I wonder if I'm really just going in circles. I still need to organize and edit the millions of photos from our 'big' trip over a month ago. Shortly after we arrived home from that trip we celebrated the graduation of two grandsons - two brothers - one from high school and one from middle school.

Recently we went away for several days of camping and fishing at a beautiful lake high in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. I took a lot of photos but didn't have internet access to share them here. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you've probably seen a few photos from the lake. For some reason my cell phone could usually connect to Instagram and Facebook but not to the internet in general.

My sweetheart and I - and some of our family - are working very hard to get my dear, little mother's home ready to sell. It's hard work and has been a hard decision for me. My father built their home when I was in high school and I love the little cottage and yard.  We thought and prayed much about selling our home and moving into my family home but we sensed that it's best to sell instead of making it ours. I took a lot of photos before I started taking things apart inside my dear, little mother's home so we can always look back and remember the wonderful place where we all spent time with two people who were so dear to us. I plan to share those photos with you soon.
I will be back with blog posts that - so far - are in my head. Posts that need to be put in words. And photos. This is a place where I love to come to 'talk' to you and share what's on my heart. Perhaps I need to get off the merry-go-round of life more often and stop here for awhile!