Friday, November 30, 2007

Fireplace Facelift

Last year between Thanksgiving and Christmas my sweetheart and I gave our living room fireplace a complete facelift. We had planned this for a long time, saved pictures from magazines, catalogs and brochures and dreamed of the day our old, out-dated fireplace would be transformed. The change was incredible and we love it! No regrets.

This is what the fireplace looked like before the re-do. The mantel was very narrow and hard to decorate. See the one nearly white brick? That was my trial-run with Kilz. My sweetheart couldn't believe I did that before we started the project! Just checking. This was the 'old' built-in bookcase beside the fireplace.During the process it looked like this.And then this.Finally, after many long hours of cutting, nailing, sanding, priming and painting there was no way to miss the beauty of the finished project.Over the top - better than we dreamed possible. . .Every detail just right. . .Every little piece a labor of love - a team project with the goal in mind. . .In time to decorate for the holidays.We didn't tell our kids what we were doing. They only knew that we were working on a project in the house. Imagine their amazement when they arrived Christmas morning.

I love the fireplace, the mantel and the bookcase now and I don't want to hide any part of it. Last year I kept the decorations very simple so I could enjoy every little detail. This year I will make a few changes and add something new (perhaps) but I won't do anything to hide the charm we worked so hard to accomplish.


  1. I can see why you have no regrets! It is lovely! Of course, the photos aren't showing the entire room, but it looks like it made the room more spacious. Your collectibles also stand out more.

    Best Blessings,

  2. What an improvement! the details are so crisp and clean and the whole mantel and bookshelf just look so fresh. I hope you share your Christmas decorating with us:>)

  3. Wow! you and your hubby are very talented... the finished product looks very professional and beautiful...the simple decorations enhance the elegance of the fireplace...
    do you have other projects you have done in your home?

  4. What a fabulous transformation! I love your new fireplace.

  5. Kathy - Yes,I will share our decorations this year when I get them up. Due to the events of our last few weeks I'm behind schedule but hope to catch up soon. You will definitely get to see what develops soon.

    Mimi - We do have other projects but still need to finish them. We have been working on our kitchen re-do forever, or so it seems. I will share it one of these days but there are a few things that have to be done before then. Lots of 'small' things that make a big difference have been done. Some when there is a crisis situation and we can't finish the other project! (Like replacing a bathroom floor when the kitchen is nearly torn apart.) Keep checking in. I'll share more soon. ~Adrienne~

  6. Adrienne,
    Sooo sorry I missed your visit today, had to step out for a few.
    I enjoyed my visit here and I love your fireplace makeover, just beautiful! We too redid ours last year from brick facing to cultured stone, and it made a huge difference in the room. Come and see me again. I'll be back for sure.

  7. I forgot to tell you I love your new Header!!!

  8. It turned out very nice! Although I will admit that the "old" fireplace looks pretty nice also!!


  9. I just love your ambitious project and understand your pride of finishing......we are in the middle of such a project! (I stopped with the painting for Thanksgiving decorations, but will finish after January 6 when all the Christmas is stored away for another year)
    I'm dying to know the titles of all your wonderful old books! I recognize some Nancy that would be a great installment for another day.
    Blessings. I love visiting your blog.

  10. This is gorgeous...just so so lovely...having a greta time browsing your blog for a bit this evening.

  11. Stunning, Adrienne, just stunning! ~Angela~


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