Saturday, December 1, 2007

"Grandma, Why. . .

is that little boy. . .

throwing snowballs at that little girl?"

"Well, Mr. G., he's not really throwing them at her. Do you know who that little boy and girl are?" "No, Grandma." "That little boy is Grandpa and the little girl is me. We were about two years old. We didn't even know each other then because we lived a long ways from each other. My mommy and daddy took the picture of me playing in the snow and Grandpa's mommy and daddy took the picture of him. We really weren't throwing snowballs at each other - it just looks like we were."

Mr. G. looked a bit puzzled as he moved to on other things.

These sweet little pictures from the past are in a double frame on my little lamp table in the living room each winter. They usually lead to an interesting discussion whenever someone visits for the first time. But no conversation about the pictures of my sweetheart and I are as special as the one not long ago with our dear grandson, Mr. G.


  1. what sweet pictures of the two of you... one would never know you were not playing together.....sweet memories...........and grand kids love to see pictures of you when you were little... because they can not believe that you were ever young... let alone little like them!!

  2. Oh, what an adorable story and precious pictures. Thanks for sharing those sweet memories!

  3. What a treasure. . . both the photos and the comments by your grandson.



  4. oh my goodness, these photos are so adorable. and how sweet about your grandson..i remember thinking it impossible that my grandparents were once wee ones. :o)


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