Friday, December 7, 2007

Seasonal Thoughts

Thank you for your kind comments and emails of encouragement. I am slowly unpacking some of my Christmas decorations. Yesterday, one of my sweet teenage piano students admired my village on the entertainment center near the piano. Only the snowy 'ground' and buildings were there - no trees, people, accessories yet. When I told her there was a box of village accessories that had not been found yet she immediately responded, "It's a ghost town!" Cute idea. Not everyone in my town has a Christmas ghost town. Until the box is located I will just enjoy the lights in the little town without people.Angels have appeared on my mantle to add to the festive atmosphere of the season. Pictures will be shared soon.

A few evenings ago my sweetheart and I took a supper of soup and salad to my dear little mother's house. The soup was Kelli's White Chili. You really must try it! We loved it. Afterwards my sweetheart put up my dear mother's tree and lights. While he did that I took lots of pictures of the wonderful decorations she has in her darling little cottage home. When we left that evening my camera stayed behind - forgotten. Today I will spend time with her and when I come home at the end of the day my camera will be with me. I know you will enjoy what she has done in her home at this holiday season. (The ornaments shown here are from my tree - more from Christmases past.) Several have asked about my knee. At first there was progress but that soon slowed and I am left with pain and limitations. As a result, my knee, leg and low back have issues that affect everything I do. This morning I begin physical therapy in hopes of helping the healing process along.In the middle of the busyness of the season I am taking time to breathe deeply, read a bit and - most of all - reflect on the reason we celebrate. Jesus is the Reason for the season!


  1. oh how pretty your ornaments are :o) we have oodles of department 56 houses boxed up in the rafters. my husband's lower back is one twinge away from total mayhem so the boxes will remain up high this year. we're enjoying a very simple style in Christmas decorating this year.

    you should share a picture of your 'ghost town'. ;o)

  2. So sweet of your husband to put up your Mother's Christmas things. Her ornaments are lovely.

  3. A few people have thought that the ornaments shown on this post are from my dear mother's tree. I have edited the post to say that they are from my tree from past years. Pictures of my dear mother's tree will be shared soon - my camera has come home. ~Adrienne~


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