Saturday, December 22, 2007

Decking The Halls

I have been decking the halls with boughs of holly here at our little home on Holly Street.It has been a slow process since a number of things have been added to the busy-ness of the season. In addition to my regular Chaplain ministry schedule December finds me especially busy as a musician at a number of different events throughout our area. And there have been big changes at this little house on Holly Street this holiday season. Changes that have taken time to put together and changes that make our home feel so cozy and festive. For several years our decorations have been blue, silver and white - creating a winter-y atmosphere. Since we live on Holly Street my sweetheart suggested that we should feature holly during the holiday season. So, this year we have touches of holly throughout the house. I've been snooping through thrift stores, discount stores and decoration departments whenever I could and I've found some fun things. Holly berries add a color we haven't used for several years - red - so I've had fun finding special things to add red to our home.
Please come in and see what I've been doing. I am glad you came to visit. Make yourself at home. I hope you will feel right at home here.

An old sled leans against the entertainment center. . .
A mirror on the wall near the door has been decorated. I just found the tole-painted wooden piece at the Goodwill yesterday. My sweetheart added it to the mirror today. I like it there, don't you?A table near the door welcomes you. . .Christmas plates hang on the wall nearby. . .Across the room, beside the piano, an angel stands on a tall plant stand. . .(At night she looks like this.)On the piano - old Christmas music - and a collection of 'singers' and music boxes . . .A candlestand that looks like a trumpet beside the piano. . .Recently I shared about the fireplace remodel we did last year. Here is what it looks like this year. You can see a bit of the antique trunk we use for a coffee table. I found the cute metal cardholder at a thrift store during the last year. It holds greetings from family and friends far and near.The fireplace mantle and adjoining bookcase shelf have been inhabited by angels! Each one is special and so different.Angels on the mantle. . .Angels on the bookcase shelf. . .
Singing angels. . . a sleeping angel. . . kissing angels.
On the hearth a pair of deer add to the festivities. Not far away is a wire deer with Christmas greens, flowers and ribbon.
In the corner near the tree a little stand holds two special things. The church was a recent gift from a dear friend. It is metal with lots of glitter that shimmers in the light of the tree lights. The sleigh candleholder was the centerpiece at a holiday luncheon last year.The tree is very different this year than it has been for the past several years. Instead of the blue, silver and white 'winter-y' look it is silver and white with red. It has been such fun finding red things to add to the silver and white decorations we already had. During the day the tree is pretty. . .But I love it most at night. . .The tree has fir cones on it and is decorated with red and white beads, silver and white glass balls, old-fashioned glass ornaments, icicles. . .White lights, candle lights, crocheted snowflakes that I made when we were first married, red berries and red prisms found at a nearby antique mall. . .On the entertainment center my Currier and Ives village. . .And on a counter at the end of the hallway - on the other end of the house - you will find the countryside setting.The dining room is ready for holiday activities. At the top. . .
In the corner. . .And on the table. The runner on my table this year is very special. It was a gift from my mother's cousin when she visited last summer. She was a missionary in Guatemala for a number of years. I chose simple, clear candleholders so they wouldn't distract from the beauty of this sweet gift.On the counter between the dining room and kitchen is a beautiful candle lamp from a special new friend. She finds bits and pieces at thrift stores and garage sales and puts them together to make special treasures. Nearby on top of the microwave is a 'new-to-me' Christmas collection. I found the teapot and each of the mugs at thrift stores. More holly! I added the little gingerbread ornament. I love the sentiment it expresses.A holiday train is stationed in the kitchen window. It's such fun during the day. . .But at night it gives a magic glow.There's more - just a touch of Christmas in our bedroom. A sleigh of silk flowers, leaves, berries and stars, a little church and a lighted ceramic Christmas tree. The tree gives such a beautiful glow at night. Thank you for stopping by our home. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas visit. Please come by again - the teapot is already on and there's always time to visit with friends, new and old.


  1. Thank you Adrienne for the lovely house tour. I enjoyed it very much, your home is decorated BEAUTIFULLY!!

    Enjoy your Christmas with family and friends.

    Blessings and Merry "Christ"mas.


  2. Adrienne, It is all just beautiful! I love the things on your tree and the way you have decorated. I have a little lighted tree like yours in my bedroom, it was a gift from a friend and mine is green. Merry Christmas to you, and may God bless you in the coming new year:>)

  3. OMGoodness, your house is awesomely decked out. Love the little wooden Carolers. But I have to vote for the candlestand that looks like a trumpet to take the prize. Oh and yes the light garland on the porch is impressive. I keep asking my husband to put some sort of lights out but he doesn't. *sigh*

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!

  4. Thank you so much for the tour... I just love your home and you have it so festive...
    what a peaceful cozy place in the evening with all the Christmas lights glowing!!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. A happy belated Merry
    Christmas (am catching up on blogs). Your holiday decorations are just beautiful!! Wherever did you find the train set--we have a son who enjoys trains and Santa brought him the Polar Express train set for Christmas!


  6. The lights on your house look so inviting. Was a priviledge to visit your home today.


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