Monday, February 18, 2008

Antiquing We Will Go!

On our recent trip to the beach we took a detour off the main highway to the Oregon Coast to do a bit of 'antiquing'. Since this trip was a birthday celebration for my dear little mother we told her we would stop anywhere along the way she wanted to stop. She is looking for a small lamp table for a spot in her living room. She had a wonderful table there but we recently discovered that it perfectly matched her antique bed and was exactly what she had been looking for to use as a bedside table. So we 'swiped' it from the living room and took it to her bedroom. It's perfect there. Now we have created the need to shop for another table for the living room! (We don't see that as a problem.) As we headed west toward the coast my dear mother wanted to stop in Lafayette, Oregon - a historic little town that is known for its antique stores. We visited three stores that morning and came away with no purchases to add to our car. Imagine that! But we saw a lot of wonderful things.

Our first stop was at a huge antique mall in the old schoolhouse. Old classrooms are full of beautiful antiques. . . And collectibles.Nooks. . .
Crannies. . . And closets are full of just about anything you might hope to find. In the basement I was fascinated to find vintage rocking toys. A handmade pink horse. . . An unusual red riding horse. . . And a silly rocking rooster! The vintage gymnasium next to the schoolhouse is filled with gorgeous old furniture. Just across the street from the schoolhouse is the most wonderful old estate. A bed and breakfast. I had to scoot across the highway to take a picture or two. Wouldn't you love to see inside? Down the street a bit we stopped at the Pack Rat Antiques. Another favorite.Inside we found more wonderful things. A hot car.

For a hot date.

I love vintage clothing. Especially children's clothing. Christening gowns are my favorite. The details of the bodice. . . And the eyelet on the ruffle. Soon it was time to hit the road again and continue our trip west toward the coast. We will return to Lafayette again in the near future. It's close by and a place we love to go. It's a treat. Even when we don't buy a thing.


  1. Adrienne,
    What a lovely trip with your mom. Thanks for taking us along on your antiques shopping was fun!

  2. Oh my what awsome things. You ladies must be strong willed=)

  3. Hi Adrienne,

    I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. I'm so glad that you came by for a visit because it enabled me to find you! I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about your trip to the Oregon coast for your dear mother's birthday. I loved looking through all of the antique shops along the way as well as the beautiful ocean pictures! I so love the ocean. Even though we're three hours from the coast, there is a part of me that is always there in spirit. You have a lovely, uplifting blog and I really enjoyed my visit!
    Have a wonderful week!


  4. I go through Lafayette at least once a week on the way to Mcminnville. Every time I'm reminded of those wonderful antique stores, but never have a chance to stop in. So this weekend, my parents watched the boys and we wanted to go antiquing. So guess what we did? We forgot all about Lafayette and drove all the way into Sellwood. Just pure silliness!

    You are such a wonderful daughter! I have enjoyed hearing you talk about your mom with so much love.

  5. I love antique shopping too. What a fun day.



  6. How fun! I ing. My husband and I had a little forayout to the antique market here last Saturday just to look around. I find lots of inspiration and ideas for decorating at those places.

  7. I would have loved being along for the ride Adrienne! WOW! What great places you visited. I'll tell ya...I think I might have had to have that rockin' rooster!


  8. Oh thank you for that pictorial tour! I've been going through antiquing withdrawl here lately and that little bit of shopping "with you" was just enough to take the edge off. Much more cost effective too, as I saw at least one hammered aluminum tray in one of the displays that would probably have had to come home with me had I been there in person.

    What a wonderful trip you must have had with your beautiful little mother. What beautiful memories you'll have to share for a lifetime!


  9. Oh, gosh, I love going to those kind of places. I am so glad you had such a nice time......

  10. what a wonderful day you and your mother had antiquing...I would love to have been with you on that day... some of those collectibles looked like just what I love!!!
    I am so glad you could enjoy it with your mom...
    of course you will have to go again so you can find her the table...

  11. Oh, I'm drooling! I haven't been to Lafayette but heading upstairs to get out my map!!! I love that chicken rocker. Really cute!

  12. My kind of day!

    I found the Kelty B&B online. For those who would like to see pictures, here ya go:

    It's a charming place and I'd love to live there. ;o)

  13. Ooooo, what a marvelous antique store in the old schoolhouse! I love the unusual rocking horses, and the silly chicken!

    Seeing all this makes me wish I could come out there for a visit!! Long way from home though!


  14. What a nice trip for your mom. I wish my mom was still alive. You must have had a great time in all those shops!


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