Friday, April 4, 2008

At Home

Five years ago today my father passed beyond the boundaries of this earth and entered the gates of Heaven. I can't imagine the welcome home reception he must have had. He had served his Savior well. He was a good and faithful servant. He had fought the good fight. He had finished his course. He had kept the faith. He was ready to enter into the presence of the Lord.
Today I will take my dear little mother and go away for the day. Away from home but not away from the memories. Memories of a dearly loved man. Memories of the life he lived. Memories of the love he had for us. But most of all memories of his deep love for his Lord. We miss him more than we can say but we wouldn't ask him to come back if we could. Not for a minute. Not for a second. He is home - where he belongs. Imagine the joy!

Picture: "Home at Last"
Artist: Danny Hahlbohm


  1. I know how you miss him ...I miss my mom and dad sometimes so much it is overwhelming,even after such a long time. Like you, I wouldn't ask them to come back to this life for all the tea in China!!
    I hope you and your little mom have a blessed day together, remembering your fine daddy. sure to enter in the Rooster parade at my place!!
    hugs, bj

  2. What a comfort to know that we will be reunited one day will loved ones who are already with Jesus! :)

  3. Adienne, may you find peace and joy on this anniversary of your dad's homegoing. Sounds like he was a wonderful man. --Susan C.

  4. I still miss my daddy after nearly 30 years. I don't think we ever outgrow being Daddy's little girl. I know you cherish the time you and your wonderfull little mother spend together sharing, remembering . . . Isn't it wonderful to know that one day we'll all be reunited in our heavenly home!

  5. Adrienne

    what a nice tribute to your Dad..of course that's where he wants to be, what a great way to look at it! Am sure you and your mom had a lovely day!

  6. What a sweet post, Adrienne. I hope you have a wonderful day with your mother.

  7. Isn't it wonderful, as Christians, to know where our loved ones are and that we will indeed be joined together again someday!!!



  8. You are so very blessed to have experienced a godly and devoted earthly father, Adrienne. What sweet memories you have. What sweet anticipation knowing you'll be with him one day in eternity. <><

  9. Such a good idea for you and your mom to honor the day with an excursion. I love the thoughts expressed in this post and the picture is incredible.


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