Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Scenes

I didn't tell you about the sweet little yellow pottery birds I bought at Flourishes last month. They have found a home on my coffee table that is really an old trunk that once belonged to my sweetheart's father and grandparents. I didn't know just what I wanted to put in their little 'trough' until I found a bag of White Linen potpourri. I like the browns and blues with the yellow birds.Today was Friend To Friend, a once-a-month dessert time for ladies in the Portland area. The two gals who do the centerpieces for the tables are very creative and they always have such wonderful ideas. The centerpieces are for sale and are always very popular. When I saw what they put together for today I didn't hesitate to buy one of these sweet little yellow purses filled with violas.I knew exactly where it should go. I added a sweet little book from my shelf.

A touch of Spring, a little book and yellow pottery birds. I thought my day was complete! But wait. I came home to an empty house. My sweetheart had thatched the lawns in our yard. Dry grass lay everywhere ready to be raked up. A few minutes later he arrived but not alone. He had hired help! Our grandson Mr. C. (on the right) and his good friend Mr. J.! They had come to help rake and bag the grass. And to help Papa. They worked hard and enjoyed the cooler that held their favorite sodas. A bit later our oldest granddaughter, Miss A., arrived to help.

It was a fairly warm day, they worked hard and Papa paid them well. They were thrilled when I handed each of them pictures of their afternoon at our house. I gave each of them an envelope to keep their pictures safe for the trip home. Mr. J. asked for a pen. On his envelope he carefully wrote:

10 bucks!!!!


Go Ducks!!!!

Boo Beavers!!!!

I am thrilled to have new treasures on my old trunk. But the thrill is surpassed by the treasured people who worked hard here today - my kind and generous sweetheart, two dear-to-my-heart grandchildren and a special little friend. They will return again some time soon. Perhaps to help work again. Or just to visit and enjoy being at our home.


  1. I enjoyed reading this, and seeing a glimpse of your pretty home! Those little yellow birds are so sweet, and the violas in the purse are pretty! Nice story about Papa hiring the boys too!


  2. I love your new centerpiece and basket! So Springy and beautiful on your trunk.

    How wonderful that your grandkids will have such wonderful memories of visits to your house and time spent with you and your sweetie. That's something that they'll cherish for a lifetime!



  3. Oh what a sweet post Adrienne, I enjoyed reading about your beautiful family. Boy, looks like they worked hard. I also love your new yellow birdies, they are really sweet.

  4. I see you have learned, as I did, the minute these grandbabies are brought to God's sweet earth, they are so special in our hearts that we can hardly breath sometimes!! Just the tinest thing they do or say, or DON'T do or say, is so priceless to us as grandparents.
    Your little birds are so cute...and I love the centerpiece, too. It all goes together so well....
    hugs, bj

  5. All your pictures are great. The coffee table looks very pretty with your new spring decorations. And your grandchildren and friend are cute and smart to help your husband with the yard work.

  6. Oh Adrienne! Absolute perfection! It says Spring in the loveliest way. :o)

    You are so very blessed to have grandchildren. Someday. (sigh) What great children to help as they did. That says alot about their parents....and in turn, the two of you. These are gold star moments!

    Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

  7. What precious grandchildren!! Someday hubby and I look forward to being grandparents too!! I can see we'll be much more relaxed at the grandparenting role than we were/are with the parenting role.



  8. Love the pictures of your grandbabies working so hard in your yard. What a fun treat to send pictures home with them!


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