Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Special Day Away

Thank you to each of you who left comments and sent emails to me yesterday. Your special words and thoughts meant more to me than words can express.

My dear mother and I had a wonderful day away! I chose just the right place for us to spend most of our day together. It was such a wonderful place - as I had been told - and I will return again. Soon. We went to Monticello Antique Marketplace in Southeast Portland - a place where we could have a relaxing day away together. We shopped until our tummies said it was time to stop for lunch. We didn't have to leave the building - lunch is available in the upper loft area at Monti's Cafe. The menu is filled with such wonderful-sounding things. It was hard to decide. We were pleased with our choices - and the food was excellent.

(That's my dear little mother at the order window.)

The cafe seating is perfect. Some of the tables are placed between bookcases filled with well-cataloged and labeled books. My dear mother said, "Oh, this is just like eating in a library!" And it was. We chose a table near the window. We enjoyed every minute of our lunch time together.

Vendors have filled every inch of this old building with treasures. Treasures just waiting to be found. From the cafe loft area above you get a glimpse of the marketplace below.

What did we buy? Treasures. Special treasures. Treasures that delighted our hearts and made us smile. I bet you'd never guess that mine were yellow! I have wanted a yellow Lipton teapot for a long time. A friend bought one several years ago and decided she would rather have a blue one. She made me an offer that I pursued for a time - find her a blue Lipton teapot and she would trade with me. When I called to say I found a blue one (did she still want it?) she said no, she had decided she preferred the yellow teapot! Yesterday I finally found mine - at a wonderful price. My dear mother first noticed the little star-shaped yellow glass candleholder. She knew I would want it - she was right! The yellow and blue teabag holder just couldn't stay at the marketplace. It had to come home with me! It's so cute and the teabags came with it! Green tea with lemon. Isn't tea with lemon appropriate for my yellow teabag holder and teapot?

If you want to know more about Monticello Antique Marketplace and see some wonderful pictures, check their blog. Be sure to look at all of the older posts, too - they have some great photos of wonderful treasures.

There is more to see - so much more. I'll share more of our day away soon. Very soon.


  1. I'm glad you had a day of sweet fellowship with your mom. :)

    I especially like that yellow teapot. It sure will brighten up any room.

    Mrs. C

  2. What a wonderful posting. I am new to blogdom but will write very soon about that special bond. I have only found that connection in these very late sunset years for her. How precious you two could spend that time together.

    Feel free to come over for a visit sometime. I will be back

  3. Aren't we lucky to be able to spend time with our mothers....time is precious...

    I've posted about you on my blog. thanks again for the award.


  4. I love the visit. I would like nothing more to go to a place like that. Glad you had a day with mom.

  5. I'm glad you and your mother had fun. When I saw that big cabinet, I thought about you and your little things you like. :o) You DID write a post about little things, didn't you.

  6. What fun!Eating in a library AND yellow teapots!Blessings~Sharon G.

  7. I love your yellow teapot...and the delightful place you had lunch with your mom...such a wonderful day for you to share, both your memories and present day...

  8. Nice treasures to be found and adopted into your home, Adrienne. :o) I'm so thankful you and your mother were able to be together and enjoy a bit of cafe and shopping, away from home.

    The star dish is beautiful. :o)

  9. Hi there girlie!
    You must have been at Monticello just before us. I did not see that pretty yellow tea pot anywhere. It would have been lovely to bump into you and see your mom. Another chance perhaps!

    Thank you for leaving such lovely little notes on my blog. You're a dear heart.

    Warmest and biggest bear hugs, Aleta

  10. Oh what a great place to spend the day, and your lunch sounds wonderful. So glad you had another special day with mom!

  11. My gosh, what a fabulous place! I could spend hours there! Glad you had a lovely time with your Mom.


  12. Sounds like a good day out with your Mom adn the restaurant looks fun.

  13. I'm so happy you and your wonderful little mother had a sweet time together. And to find such beautiful treasures too! I really miss those days.


  14. Hi Adrienne What a great day you and your mother must have had. The antique market looks very intriguing. I wish I still had my mom. I miss her.

  15. Looks like a wonderful day. I love that wall of books. The perfect place for a relaxing lunch. I'll have to find this one of these days and drag my husband there...

  16. Looks like you and your mom had a wonderful time antiquing! I did a very similar post yesterday. I love to shop for antiques with my mom! Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos!

  17. You know I love that last photo with the yellow tea pot, etc!



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