Saturday, October 18, 2008

Camper's Prayer

In a few days some of our dear out-of-state family is coming to visit. We can't wait for them to arrive and we are busy making plans and preparations so we can relax and enjoy every minute they are here. Part of the plan includes our sweet little travel trailer. I shared pictures of it with them recently and told them they were welcome to stay in it during their visit - a little guest house! They were excited and quickly took us up on the offer. So, we are busily fluffing and fussing to have it ready for them. It just returned from my sweetheart's deer hunting expedition so there is more than the usual cleaning to do. They travel over some pretty dusty roads on their way to the place where they hunt. Just before the men take the trailer hunting I take out a lot of the extras - the pretties! Now it's time to add them back - plus more. I'm adding some touches that I had hoped to do this summer. Now I have a reason to get it done soon.

Since we bought our little trailer last year I have been adding homey touches to give it some personality. To make it our home away from home. Through the summer months I worked at my plan little by little and I accomplished a lot. It's amazing how a candle or two here, an afghan and a couple of throw pillows there can give new life to a little trailer. But something was still missing - the walls were bare! It needed pictures so I decided to mat and frame some of my own photography and add it to the trailer decor. I chose scenes from our travels around Oregon and have been working to get them ready. I wanted to include a little blessing or prayer - something appropriate for our travels. An online search quickly located one that seemed nearly right. After a bit of tweaking, changing a few words here and there and eliminating a few sections because of the length, I printed it on a parchment-type paper and framed it for the trailer. I thought you would enjoy reading the prayer. It's just what I wanted. Just right. And it comes from our hearts.

Bless our little trailer, Lord,
And those who sleep within it,
Please watch and keep us from all harm
Through every mile and minute.
Oh, guide the hands of him who drives,
And help him keep alert.
Let no disturbance come along,
And accidents avert.
And when we reach a camping place
We know You will be there.
Your Spirit is within us, Lord,
Your love goes everywhere.
If other campers we should meet
Though many or a few,
We’ll ask no gain if they need help,
We’ll do it, Lord, for You.
The walls are close in this small room.
And closer drawn are we
To eat and sleep and play and pray,
Wherever we may be.
Our mode of living is relaxed,
But grace is asked the same.
Lord, bless our food and those who eat,
We ask in Jesus’ Name.
And when the time has come to leave
And we are homeward bound,
We will recall the memories
Again at home when safe and sound.
So bless our little trailer, Lord,
And fill it with Your peace,
That all who enter in its door
Will find their worries cease.
Author unknown


  1. How wonderful that your guests can be comfortable and still be with you. Our home is so small, a tailer would be a perfect solution to no guest room!

  2. How wonderful that you make your little travel home so homey and comfortable. I so enjoyed ours this summer so I understand what you are talking about.
    We also use ours for a guest room when my kids and grand kids come to visit.
    Loved your idea of making it more homey!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Claudia O.

  3. Nesting instinct kicks in no matter what our digs are. I liked to keep a pretty rug in and outside our tent while camping. Sounds like you enjoyed preparing this guest room on wheels. All good fun. :)

    The prayer, I feel that is needed just to make the journey through each day, LOL, some of them are a challenge!

  4. What a wonderful little guest house, your friends will love it :)
    Thank you for your kind words about my friend Su, I feel so much better now I have been to see her and that she is improving so well.

  5. Hi Adrienne, I love your trailer poem! Can I copy it? I would love to print it and put it in our little trailer too! Don't you just love re-doing the inside of your trailer? We were very lucky to buy a barely used trailer from a family member and fix it up; I added new curtains, pictures, and other "fluff" too! Have fun with it and your family when they get here, I'm sure they will love staying in it!!

  6. That's nice. I would love to see pictures when you have it completed.

  7. I just had to pop over here real quick to take a peek at your Sunday post. I love the Camper's Prayer!


  8. What a sweet trailer and I'm sure you and your friends will have a wonderful time together!


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