Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Football Fan

Last Saturday was a gorgeous day in our part of the state. We drove over half an hour south of our home to join our son and his family for the drive a ways farther on to our oldest grandson's flag football game. Mr. R. is nine years old and he has been waiting for us to watch him play football. He is a good athlete, a very good sport and enjoys having his family on the sidelines. Mr. R. is the quarterback for his team, The Ravens. It was fun watching him call for action when they had the ball. The coach kept him in the game for quite a bit of defense, too, because he is such a good player. Both teams were well coached and had good players. I was impressed by the spirit each team showed. And the parents and friends on both sides of the field minded their manners, too. My back was bothering me so I stayed in my chair through the whole game and let my sweetheart run around with my camera. Because he was taking pictures we took my 'old' camera. It's familiar to him and I knew it would be easier for him than trying to adjust to my new camera. Once we were at the game I really wished I had taken my new camera, too. I could have taken some incredible pictures from my chair! Oh well, live and learn. Both teams played hard and did a good job. Mr. R.'s team won in the end. It was a close game - very exciting. These pictures will give you a little idea of what fun this grandma had at the football game. Mr. R., the quarterback, calls for action.The 'snap', giving Mr. R. the ball at the beginning of another play. In the huddle with the coach. Mr. R. is the second boy from the left.Mr. R. after the game - walking with his dad, Mr. J.After the game we went back to Mr. J. and Mrs. K.'s home and ate supper with them and their three boys. I have more pictures to show you from our time with them on Saturday. We're still talking about what a good time we had together. There's nothing like a good football game - especially when your grandson is the quarterback. But it doesn't begin to compare to time spent together with our family. That's the best - a real winner!

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  1. Adrienne...this is what memories are made of! I love this post.


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