Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tale Of A Toolbox

Do you have a toolbox of your own? I do! My very own toolbox, specially put together just for me. I use it often and at times my sweetheart uses it for small in-the-house projects. It is kept in a very convenient place and comes out for small repairs, hanging pictures and odds-and-ends of little jobs.

Several years ago my sweetheart asked me what I would like for Christmas. I know he wasn't expecting to hear my request. A toolbox. I wanted a toolbox. Just a small one of my own! At the time we lived in a small house that had no garage and not much storage area inside. His big toolboxes were in a large storage shed a short distance away from the back door of the house. It just wasn't convenient to go out there to get a screwdriver or hammer or some tool for small things that needed to be done in the house. In the winter months here in Oregon we have rain. Lots of rain. It was especially not fun to have to bundle up, run through the rain and unlock the shed just to get a small tool for a one-or-two-minute job. So, you understand my desire for a little toolbox of my own that could be kept in the house with tools that were mine. For convenience. I had seen simple toolboxes for sale that would have been great. I imagined that my sweetheart would purchase one of them, wrap it and put it under our Christmas tree. I imagined something like this.

Or this.But that is not what I got that Christmas morning! No, my sweetheart couldn't just go out and buy a ready-made set. Not him! He is a very thoughtful, creative, fun person who enjoys doing special things for those he loves. Especially me! Add to that the fact that he works for Stanley Tools and you can imagine that I must have the BEST. It wouldn't do for me to have just any old tools. Not cheap tools. Not any brand. (See his shirt?)You can imagine my surprise on Christmas morning when I opened a box that didn't seem to be the right size for the gift I had requested. But I soon found that what he gave me was not only a practical toolbox - it was a gift of love. Something special. Like no other toolbox. And there was no other lady on earth with a toolbox like this one!

I had a little red toolbox. A Stanley toolbox!

I opened it, not knowing what to expect inside.And inside I found tools - and an extra surprise. Something completely unexpected! My favorite perfume! My signature perfume.After the happy surprise and a hug or two I looked to see what tools he had included. Would you believe Stanley tools? Not the ordinary, anyone-can-buy-them Stanley tools. No, some of them were special, promotional or available-only-to-Stanley-employee tools. Look at the set of screwdrivers. Bright, pretty handles! A little Stanley wrench.A special Stanley tape measure. Flourescent green. How could I ever miss it?And a little level. My sweetheart quickly added that he had not included a hammer, which he knew I would need. He explained that all of the small hammers that usually are added to toolboxes made for ladies are not strong and would break soon. He wanted to add a hammer that would last but he wanted it to be one that fit my hands well and had good balance when I use it. Custom-fitted. Just for me! He had one in his toolbox he wanted to suggest but it didn't look new and he didn't want me to think he just put an old hammer in with these nice, new tools. He quickly went out to the shed and came back with two or three hammers. The first one he suggested was the one! That's the hammer I use all the time. Is it any wonder that I smile every time I reach for my toolbox? Since that time I've added other little things that are handy to have around the house. No, it doesn't always look this neat. I recently cleaned it out and removed a few unnecessary things that had accumulated there.Not too long after I received my little toolbox we moved into the home where we live now. We have an attached garage where my sweetheart's tools are easily accessible. But I usually don't have a reason to find a tool out there because I have my own. In a convenient spot that works for me whenever I need to use it. And I always think of the surprise that Christmas Day and the look on my sweetheart's face when he gave me such a wonderful gift. Not just the gift of a toolbox but the gift of himself and his love all wrapped up inside. This little red toolbox will always be a treasure to me.


  1. He is a keeper! Love the red tool box and all the loving tought that went into for you.

    I don't have my own tool box, but I do have my own hammer. It was my dad's. When ever I hold it, I think of him.

  2. Perfect gift!
    Now all you need is your own little flashlight...a mini maglite.
    That was a gift from my DH...a must have plumber's tool.
    The good thing about the mini mag..I always know where it is.
    Other flashlights seem to disappear in our house!

  3. darling! We are lucky women to have wonderful husbands:>) My sweetie bought me tools out of self-defense, I was always "borrowing" his and, like the naughty wife I am, not putting them back. Some even have pretty floral handles so there is no getting them mixed up with his!

  4. I've always wanted my own toolbox. Lucky girl! Maybe I'll make the request this year for Christmas.

  5. Love your tool box box!!! Yes, I do have my own tool "bag." It's a soft, pink padded tool bag that my hubby got me for Christmas last year. It was filled with a new set of screw drivers, and a new mouse palm sander with an attached dust collector, which I've wanted since I first saw it. I added a level, a hammer, a pair of pliers, wire cutters, paint can opener. I use that bag. . . all. . .the time too!



    P.S. I ALSO got my Clinique perfume for Christmas, but he didn't think to add it into my tool bag :)

  6. I do have a tool box I made up my self. I don't know what I would do without it. Brian sometimes gets sample tools from people selling and hoping his company will but. He brought me home the neatest screwdriver.All the different tips are attached on the bottom and I just change them out. One screwdriver to keep up with =)

  7. Your husband and mine must be very similar because mine made up a tool box for me a couple of Christmas's ago. I love mine! I don't have a drill though and I want one. Maybe this Christmas.

  8. What a wonderful hubby you have!!!!! LOVE the red toolbox and all of the cute tools - well, the colors at least! How so very sweet to put in a box of girlyness. He rocks!!


  9. I don't have a tool box, per se, I have a rollaway huge toolbox with 6drawers and a flip up top, I am one of those women that use their tools as much as a man! :) Saws and all!!!

    That is so sweet that your husband would do that for you, and then put your perfume in their as a girlie surprise what a doll he is!

    Take care and I will pray that your week will be blessed for you!
    Donna Lynn

  10. What a pretty tool box! How special that he hand picked all those pretty Stanley tools! And added the colonge!!

    Nice man!!


  11. I must say that I would love this gift too! And I would ask for, and have asked for a tool box, LOL, your's is prettier than mine! Such a dear husband to take it that extra mile.

  12. Ok...but really, that hammer handle really needs Laurie

  13. Gracious me. Your sweetheart is a real gem. Love your tool box and the colorful screwdrivers he chose. :o) I have a tool box all my own too (put it together myself), complete with a drill small enough for my lady hands. I would like Rocky to give me a lady size shovel and rake. I should hint this bit of news to him rather than expecting him to telepathically realize it. hm. Yep.

    Lizzie owns a small floral hammer that has an even smaller screwdriver in the handle. Sweet.


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